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Jan 10, 2017
This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.

Every true sourcer enjoys a good challenge. At times, our profession can undoubtedly become monotonous. Not every search bewilders our mind and sharpens our sourcing techniques. Crafting personalized emails to candidates was the prevailing trend in 2016. However, this approach was more creative than puzzling. Sure it improved the candidate experience, but it didn’t enhance our ability to locate talent quickly. Sourcers relish new techniques, new tools, and new concepts. We thrive on competition, games and learning. Honing our sourcing skills isn’t a simple task, but why not try it through a game?

This is the concept behind Sourcing Games. “I started creating these sourcing games for my team because it’s a great way to test their knowledge, refresh the sourcing methods they already know or help them discover new methods,” says Jan Tegze, creator of Sourcing Games. “I created it because I thought it would be cool to share some games with other sourcers and recruiters, not only because sharing is caring, but because I would like to learn more about which ways people are going to take. Each level is designed so there is not only one way to solve it.”



Naturally, Sourcing Games beings with a classic and far too relatable sourcing obstacle. I was immediately hooked. This game was so addicting and challenging that reviewing it will only give away too many pertinent hints and clues. You will simply have it solve it on our own. In all, level one took me approximately 20 minutes to complete. I thought my sourcing skills were invincible until I got to the second to last part of the challenge and couldn’t find the solution noticeably on the page.

“These sourcing games became a great way how we all as a team could improve our sourcing methods. People also learn more if they discover the solution by themselves before somebody else told them how to do it. Doing learning through games is always bigger fun, games are architectures for engagement, and they are better than just some boring sourcing training,” said Tegze.

Our innate thirst for knowledge and improvement drives our passion as much as our ability to locate talent. This is a fantastic sourcing challenge and one that I recommend every sourcer and recruiter tackle. Sourcing Games will reveal where you need to improve and refresh techniques that you might not have used in years. It’s a vast improvement on cubicle solitaire, and it just might expose areas of improvement for you in 2017.

“If you are not a recruiter or sourcer, I hope you are still going to enjoy these games. And they might show you what kind of things sourcers are doing when looking for information,” said Tegze.

Feel free to let us know if you passed level one, level two, or level three, but don’t give reveal any clues. Good luck!


This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.
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