Combining Common Sourcing Tools to Create a Sourcing Solution – Part 3

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Jul 14, 2017
This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.

Sourcers are keen on the advantages of sourcing tools, but many are still learning the power behind combining sourcing tools to achieve optimal success. This is the third article in a series of posts on how you can combine tools to create sourcing magic. The second installment can be found here.

Like in the card game Yu-Gi-Oh, you can combine tools or cards to create magic. Yu Gi Oh is a card game that is based on a well-known children’s show called Yu Gi Oh. In the show, the good guys battle using cards that when combined with particular hologram technology brings the cards to life. In the game, Yu-Gi-Oh, there are different kinds of cards, you can combine these cards to do something remarkable.

One such example is creating the Dragunity Knight a compelling card with lots of extra abilities. To do it you need two cards, but when you get them and use them, you get to utilize a monster that is very powerful. While it can be hard to do at times, it is possible to win with the strategy. Sourcing can be the same way as well if certain tools are working together to create a winning sourcing strategy that creates sourcing magic.

For example, if you were to use a sourcing tool to create a boolean string to find say embedded developers, and you added that you are searching for resumes and run it, you will get results where you need to open each to vie wand decide if you want them. However, if you combine this with Search Preview, you can get an actual review each result without actually taking the time to click and open them and click and go back, thereby saving you time.

So let’s look at these tools; Bool is a simple Chrome extension that allows you to create boolean strings and search in specific areas, rather that is Linkedin, Google, Bing or any other place. It allows you to save your search’s for reuse and to modify them as well.

Now as I stated you could also use Hiretual. One of its core capabilities is the ability to create boolean strings. As in the example above we use this very feature to complete out your sourcing magic.

Lastly is the Chrome extension tool called “Search Preview” is a tool allows you to see your search results without having to click on the link. This can save you a lot of time and make it easier to see which results are the best and which are the not. You can even cut and paste the results if you like it all without taking the time to click and move back and forth between navigations.

Now as a bonus if you are searching for documents using Bool or Hiretual and say looking for PDFs as we did in the last post you can use another tool called “Docs Online Viewer.” This tool lets you see the results of a document search without having to open the document, again saving time.

We combined two tools; Bool or Hiretual and Search Preview Multiple to allow us to quickly and easily view our search results without having to open or click on any URLs. Add to that we showed how we could use another tool Docs Online Viewer to allow us to do the same with document search results. A two tool combo that takes your sourcing to a whole new level and saves you time.


Editor’s disclosure: Jeremy Da Costa is a Staffing/Recruiting Marketing Specialist for Hiretual. His father, Dean Da Costa, is also a contributor for ERE Media. 

This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.
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