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May 14, 2018
This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.

Last year Kasia Borowicz organized a competition for knowledge sharing on the Poland Sourcing Community group on Facebook (which I mentioned in my previous post). One of the questions was “What are your favorite tools which make your work easier?”

When it comes to sourcing platforms, I guess you know some of them already, like LinkedIn, GoldenLine or Facebook. I think you might not have heard about Crossweb, so let me tell you more about it.

Crossweb isn’t a typical sourcing platform. You won’t find specific candidates here. Instead, it offers a list of IT-related events (meetups and conferences) in different cities. You need to choose the criteria that interest you, and voila! The real challenge starts here, to meet potential candidates you need to attend such an event. You can also use the information about the meeting to look up for a list of possible attendees.

Let’s then have a look at other ways of making a sourcer’s life easier. In this article I want to share with you two categories: search engines and productivity & workflow tools:

Candidate Search Engines

The role is to search various professional and social platforms and to present a candidate’s aggregated profile which usually includes contact details, e-mail address or even a telephone number. There are multiple tools suitable for different industries, so if you’re looking for the best candidates’ search engine, don’t forget to try the following ones and then choose the most suitable for you:

TalentBin old MonsterPolska – on its website you can find information that it’s a talent search engine for “the entire web.” Thanks to it you can find passive candidates “when they’re active online” and you can modify your search by their skills, interests, and actions. You can test it for free. It’s available in 11 languages.

Amazing Hiring – this one is a good option for technical candidates. Amazing Hiring believes that developers don’t spend time on making their resumes better. They preferably like to contribute to GitHub, ask questions on StackOverflow or compete at Kaggle. Software engineers code, test, blog and influence communities all around the world, or they attend meetups and conferences, but that’s rather if you want to meet them in real life, Amazing Hiring gathers their profiles, work history, and online activities. You can request a demo to check how it works. Language: English

Hiretual – you can compare it to your personal sourcing assistant who will work for you 24/7. You can just submit it the sourcing and make a break, take a nap or enjoy a lunch. It uses AI and Big Data to source talents and, thus, the sourcing is 10 x faster. It can find contacts and build boolean. The basic version is for free, and the business one is paid. Language: English

Aevy – the idea of this search engine is to “remove barriers between people” so that they can connect and communicate regardless of where they are. It finds the best technical candidates for your role and introduces you over email. Language: English and Swedish.


I’m curious if you’ve tried any of the above options and what your opinions are. Do you have your favorite choice or all of them are equally useful for you? Or maybe you use something else? If yes, then please share as there’s nothing better as sharing knowledge!

This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.