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May 4, 2018

My grandmother always told me to be kind to individuals, especially when they’re not expecting it. I was not raised a Buddhist and as a child was unaware that this simple lesson she has instilled in me, is the key to building good karma. The definition of karma is pretty simple: when you are kind to others, then the kindness will be returned, it also the same if you are not so willing, the not so nice will come back. This is the thoughts what people say “the ripple effect of one’s actions,” believed to determine the quality of one’s life; is the beliefs of Eastern philosophy. I truly believe in karma, and I am a huge believer in how important it is to build good karma in all areas of your life, including our professional side of life.

Unfortunately, most individuals define themselves by their job and have a hard time seeing opportunities to help others and boost their office karma. As passionate as I am about karma and think it could make your work life fuller.

I have a growing list that one can use creatively to enhance karma in work and life.

Find Purpose

One of the best things you could do to have karma in your world is finding something to give you purpose in life. This purpose could be anything, whether it’s helping people, helping yourself and helping anything else just by existing.

Complimenting, nurturing someone would genuinely feed your purpose. A lot of times, we over think things and talk ourselves out of opportunities to connect in our community based on what we know, instead of reaching out and looking for connections to grow our knowledge as well as sharing our experience. Regardless of being “seasoned” or “starting out” by creating these connections would give you a fantastic community and being involved in this marvelous community, you’ll find your purpose and develop some amazing relationships along the way.


We’re all teachers in some way or another; one of the things I am grateful for is being a mentor and being a mentee. Be one of these people who take the time to mentor. I think we could learn a lot from each other; I believe when you feel you don’t need to learn anymore you will stop growing. I am a huge advocate for working together, to encourage one another and unearth the passion for teaching without the fear of judgment. Everyone in our industry has the abilities, and some may not even know it, but have skills to teach. Education doesn’t mean to stand up and present concepts, data, etc. although that is a cool tool. However, sitting next to a new sourcer or recruiter provides an opportunity to teach and learn. I still get goosebumps when I share something that could help a phone sourcer or a recruiter be successful and provide a teaching opportunity that we both could learn. I believe that you are leaving your legacy and influencing others but your passion.


The best thing to say is to say nothing at all. That’s not just to avoid saying the wrong thing, but also to stay quiet long enough to listen to others. It can be the most significant gift we have to give. It allows us to hear and value the silence for the other individual to feel heard. We make great listeners to candidates, but are we providing the same level respect for each other. We all have voices, opinions, and ideas, but are we hearing each other? I would recommend to be aware and work at it. I have been working on listening, and the change is incredible. It builds trust, calm and loyalty.

Help Others

If you have an opportunity to help someone in need, take it. This is probably one of the best methods that one can practice to gain positive karma in life. The littlest offer can make a HUGE impact in someone’s day and return impact you. We are all busy and when someone is asking for help, of course, make sure to you have time to help. This lesson is something I genuinely believe brings positivity to one’s soul. Whether its providing search strings, someone who needs help with attending an excellent conference, like SourceCon and you contribute towards a “scholarships,” helping out those who need help with confidence, encouraging and empowering someone is also a way to help. Not everything is equal.

Practice Mindfulness

This is one of my favorites and challenges me at times. This also summarizes all the mentioned above. It is essential that all of us learn how to be mindful towards others. Not everyone has the same wealth or privileges as each other so it is good to keep in mind just how hard things may be for them right now. Applying mindfulness allows us to grow respectfully, generously, and spiritually. I would encourage our community to get to know each other before placing judgment, there are some pretty passionate people in our community, but sometimes we need to step back and see each other as individuals on own journey. How could we place mindfulness if we don’t find our purpose if we don’t teach each other if we don’t help and most of all if we don’t listen?

I am continually adding to this list in my life and applying them every day both at work and my personal life. I hope this will encourage you to add to your karma will be overflowing with positive energy. While I know this isn’t about metrics, I genuinely believe that when applying these steps your parameters will grow along with your karma for one another. Your karma will be built on riches in your heart and bring quality to your life in and out of the office.

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