Free Tool Friday: Use Download Manager to Save Google Search Results by @deandacosta

Jan 23, 2015
This article is part of a series called Free Tool Fridays.

This is a part of the Free Tool Friday series with Dean DaCosta. In this series, Dean provides a short description of one of his favorite browser addons, apps, or extensions.

Download Manager is a great addon that will allow you to download all the results from a google search.

Below is where I did a free google search using a Boolean string…



If you want to download them all and review later, all you need to do is press the Download addon and you see the box below…


Notice that when I check the ‘PDF’ button, it highlights all the PDF’s. If I click on the ‘download’ button, it will download all of the files to a folder for me to review later. It’s quick and easy.  You can also check for pictures and much more. This works well for free Google searches. However, like any tool, it doesn’t work on all sites. In the coming weeks, I will talk about other tools similar to this that work on other sites.

Until next week!!

This article is part of a series called Free Tool Fridays.
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