Healthcare Hunt 2016 (Part 1 of 3): Some Lesser Known Ways to Source Medical Candidates

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May 20, 2016
This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.

The market in the Texas Medical Center has become increasingly tight over the last few months.  With record low unemployment rates in the Healthcare segment, our team has gotten pretty creative in exploring new and different candidate pools.  In this three-part series, I’ll show how pull list of names, find contact information and engage those candidates that you’ve found.

Through some recent searches in remote locations as well as local to Houston, here are some lesser known pipelines we’ve had success with at MD Anderson Cancer Center.


Rewind to

You may have seen my previous post about using to pull an untapped list of candidates.  We were able to fill our New Mexico job because of it, so it’s definitely worth diving into.  I found a significant list of nurses that were not “out there” on the web, all through this resource.


University/Hospital Directory Search

Many hospitals and universities have a faculty, student, and departmental staff listing in its online directory.

My teammate Beth was able to pull an entire competitor’s directory by searching the university’s call letters and the word directory.  This is a great example how one keyword can draw excellent resources.

Search: UTMB directory

Found this:



This gold mine includes the names of students, current employees, emails, direct work numbers, and department main lines.


 “Find A” Search

There are also several “find a physician” or “find a nurse” search databases that can retrieve a list of local medical contacts.  Try adding “find a” into your keyword search.  It may sound simple, but this has helped us find both nurse practitioners and clinical dietitians.

Search: find a nurse practitioner

Found this:



Connect6 and Facebook URL Search

I’ve had recent success finding RNs that may not be “out there” using the Connect6 (not the Chrome Extension).


Connect6 provides five free searches per month, and the results are eye-opening.  I was able to source over 200 candidates within a few seconds, and Connect6 kept adding more and more contacts through its automated web scraping.  The final number produced over 1000 profiles for oncology nurses.

Another method I really like is the Facebook URL Search.  I’ve devised a few RN versions of the URL. Since some of the other tools get flagged (FB UID and Search is Back), this nugget has helped me find Nursing candidates when the other Facebook tools are down.

Try putting this into your web browser to pull a list of hospital RNs in Houston:


You can change certain aspects of the URL to get different results (see the bolded words).

Check out this different variation:

It’s important to mention here that I’ve found the Facebook search a little more limiting than Connect6 since you have more flexibility with the keywords.  Part of this is due to the fact that Facebook is not meant to be searched this way.  Some of the Facebook Graph searches are working right now, but a different option is to search indirectly through the friend finder:


Board of Nursing and Other License Verification Sites

Another indirect way to pull information is through verification boards.  Many licenses and certifications require registration with a board.  You can find a person’s contact information or an entire list of names and contact information through a license verification site.  Below is an example of one of these sites we’ve used to pull an initial list of names.


With these new candidate pools, we were able to cross reference and completely refresh our candidate list. We now have names and additional candidate pools, but now what?  In my next post, I’ll go over some ways to cross reference and pull specific attendee lists to take these search from a list of names to relevant contact info. Stay tuned.


This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.