How to Find Email Addresses on the Internet, Part 1

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Sep 11, 2013

Last week, I had the opportunity to be on the Recruiting Animal Show. Towards the end of the show, a caller asked me how to find personal email addresses on the web. I answered the question, but because there are so many ways to tackle the issue, I thought I should follow up with a series on finding email addresses. To start, I am sharing a list of resources and techniques that will help you find business email addresses. – Linksy is a great place to start when searching for email addresses. Linksy generates possible email addresses based on a persons name, then cross-references those names with to see if the person has a gravatar account with a photo. If the person has a gravatar account, one can simply use that email address and initiate contact. If the user does not have a gravatar account, Linksy has generated a list of possible email addresses that can be tested using one the tools below.

Rapportive (free)– Rapportive for Gmail is a tool that has been mentioned previously on SourceCon. Below is a video that demonstrates how one can guess email addresses using Rapportive. – test individual email address (free) – test a list of email addresses (there is a cost based on how many addresses are tested) – find the email format used by thousands of US companies

A post from the SourceCon archives discussing this issue

Finding personal addresses is a bit more complicated, look for a follow-up post soon. What tool are you using to find business email addresses?

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