iCan Do iMovie And So Can You!

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Feb 18, 2021

Technology just keeps getting better and better. When I was a kid, you needed a CD ROM to get 1,000 hours of internet. Now, computers do not even come with a CD drive as discs

have become obsolete. Back in the day, you had to dial nine numbers on your phone to get through to someone. Now, you ask the AI in your pocket to dial them for you. Oh, and people used to play musical instruments. That is right, there were these six-string things called a “guitar”, but no need to learn that when there is one built into your computer. Everything is at our fingertips and every day it is becoming easier to build a website, launch a product, or make a movie.

I went to school for film, and I can tell you that you do not need to these days – and you didn’t really need to back then either. I am not even using my degree…obviously. But I have been able to use my degree a little when it comes to a job search and I have also used it at some of the companies I have worked for, and all of my projects were done using iMovie. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you have an incredibly powerful app called iMovie that can help you create a sketch, a commercial, or even a feature film.

Now, iMovie is not the best editing software out there. Professionals in the industry either use Final Cut or Adobe Premiere Pro. But guess what? This article is not about making the next Marvel movie or Oscar-nominated documentary. This article is to inform you of how easy it is to get your resume out there or advertise jobs in a simple way.

If you are a Sourcer who is trying to find a new role, you cannot just sit there hitting the apply button all day. These days it is all about referrals, but that isn’t always the case. You must get creative in your job search.

There are a few memorable stories that I have read about job seekers that stuck out. One person posed as a pizza delivery driver, delivered a pie, and put their resume inside the top of the box. Another person printed their resume on chocolate bars. And these people received many, many offers. They went from struggling to hear back from one company to struggling to figure out which of the many offers to accept.


In my job search last year, I made a few different videos to advertise my job search. And even though they were not made on the mobile version of iMovie, they could have been. One of them was a parody of infomercials, where I detailed my career background, certifications, and what I was looking for. You can find that on my LinkedIn post.

Your Job Search

There are so many things you can do in iMovie to help get your name out there. You can green screen your resume into the background and speak in front of it. You can do the same with your LinkedIn profile. You can green screen yourself in the office of your desired employer and tell them they are looking at the future. You can do a one-sided interview where your strengths fly across the screen. You can make a movie trailer (check out my LinkedIn for one that I made). You can lip-synch to a song that represents the city you want to work in.

How to Use it for Sourcing

A big part of Sourcing is creating engaging, creative, and informative outreach to passive candidates. There is a good chance that you have a lot of competitors and you are not the only one reaching out to a potential candidate to fill a role. You can’t just survive off of a boring InMail or email regarding the role and location. Make a video! Embed it into your email! Leave a link in your InMail and have candidates learn more about the role. Have them get a feel for who you are and that you are someone they should be working with!

Record an interview with the Hiring Manager and have them talk about the role, the department, the upward movement within the company. Do an interview with someone this new hire will be working directly with. Interview yourself! Talk about why you are excited to be working on this role and what you have seen previous hires go on to do within the role and company.

Film inside the office and around the neighborhood. Show prospects where they will be working. Of course, make sure you can legally do these things before you just go ahead and do them! Put your job description into an old-school Batman-type show where instead of “Pows” you use verbs from the job description.


You might be asking yourself, what can iMovie do for me? What features does it have?

Here are some of the things you can do:

Add titles
Speed up or slow down clips
Add filters to your footage
Add music from ITunes
Fade in and fade out
Add transitions

What to buy:

Since the introduction of Zoom to our lives, the ordinary person has come to learn a whole lot about green screens. This technology used to only exist is Hollywood studios, where people covered in ping pong balls would stand in front of them and act out a scene. Now, you can buy a green screen set up for around $100. You can even buy a green or blue table cloth from the dollar store and use that as a resource. You really don’t need to buy anything, but here are a few options to make your videos even better:

Green screen

Tripod & Light


Educational Resources:

iMovie is very easy to learn how to use. And the version on mobile is pretty limited, so there is really only so much to learn. You can use those Sourcing skills to find a few good tutorials, but here are some that I found:

Create a movie project in iMovie on iPhone – Apple Support
How to use iMovie on iPhone: Complete beginner’s guide – Macworld UK
A step-by-step iMovie tutorial: How to use iMovie on iPhone or iPad –