Indeed Prime Becomes Seen by Indeed

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Sep 16, 2019

Indeed announced today that it has rebranded Indeed Prime to Seen by Indeed, a tech hiring platform that takes a more holistic view of tech talent. Seen builds upon the technology of its predecessor, Indeed Prime.

Prime was launched in 2015 as a specialty job site that provides employers with top talent based on coding skills, education, and work experience. Whereas Prime initially focused on only the most qualified tech talent in a limited range of roles, Seen understands that companies of all sizes and across industries need to hire tech talent who have a diverse set of skills and experiences. Seen takes a broader view of talent and talent needs, matching companies to all levels of candidates, regardless of career stage: from those just starting to seasoned professionals.

Seen helps employers more easily connect with not only some of the hardest to fill tech roles – Indeed data shows that the hardest to fill tech role in the US is software engineer, where the majority of job postings lie open for over sixty days. Other hard-to-fill roles front end developer, product manager, development operations engineer, QA engineer, and cloud engineer – but also serves many others, from IT and operations to UX and UI.

In addition to serving a broader range of job titles, Seen has many other benefits for those looking for their perfect match. Such benefits to job seekers include free, personalized career guidance that offers everything from webinars and work style assessments to one-on-one career-coaching sessions. Additionally, personalized resume reviews will be provided to all tech candidates, providing videos unique to each individual with tips on how to boost their resume.

More than 90,000 tech job seekers have profiles on Seen 

More than 90,000 tech job seekers in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Ireland have profiles on the platform where they highlight not just their resume but also their skills, interests and career aspirations along with other specifications on the salary, location, and culture they want in a new role.

This information drives the improved matching algorithm of Seen, which more quickly matches tech talent with the right opportunities.

Seen’s unique automation features, like FastMatch, help reduce the time from when a job is posted to a candidate screen. FastMatch also consistently promotes roles to relevant candidates and instantly adds interested candidates directly to an employer’s pipeline.

FastMatch’s algorithm (a feature from Indeed Prime) sifts through the profiles of thousands of already-vetted candidates to match them to your open roles and the requirements you’ve laid out. Through FastMatch, the candidates will be contacted, and if they express interest, you can review their profile and instantly schedule a phone screen. FastMatch profiles go through three more vetting steps than a typical match, so you end up with active candidates that fit your skill, experience, clearance, salary, location, and visa requirements.

Half of candidate screens are sourced automatically by Seen since job seekers have already shared their availability helping employers.

Seen also features calendar integrations for candidates and employers to make it easy to schedule screens with one click and remove back-and-forth emails.

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