Jobvite’s Recruiting Intelligence Puts Metrics in Their Place

Sep 21, 2010
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One of Jobvite’s strengths has always been its ability to track an “invited” candidate back from the application to see how they came to learn of an opening. Now, Jobvite is adding more depth and breadth to its tracking, giving recruiters data about their job postings and the effectiveness of their own career site.

Announced today, the real-time recruiting intelligence can tell you how many people saw an an ad or visited your career site, what they did and, if you have Jobvite Hire, which includes an ATS, what you did.

For instance, if you distributed a job through social sites, sent a Jobvite to your employees, and posted it to traditional job boards, the recruiter intelligence part of the Jobvite dashboard can give you the number of visitors to each page where the ad appeared; how many then opened it; how many of them applied, and how many were interviewed, and, finally, if a hire was made, from where.

With Jobvite Hire, all the data flows in automatically. If you use Jobvite Source, some of that data requires a connection to your ATS.

Lots of companies provide metrics on ad placements. And most ATS platforms can give you data on the inbound applicants and traffic reports on career sites hosted by your recruitment management vendor.

Managing the various data bits and bytes gets challenging the more sourcing methods you use. So Jobvite’s graphical dashboard intelligence makes life a little simpler, which means a recruiter is more likely to actually consult the data to see what’s working.

“The goal is to have it become a daily habit,” says Jobvite CEO and President Dan Finnigan.

What I particularly liked about it during the quick demo Monday was the ease with which you can see the results for different types of jobs and different candidate sources. With Jobvite Hire — or a connection to your recruiting system — you’ll know which source produced the most interviews,  an indication of applicant quality and a useful guide to sourcing for similar jobs in the future.

If you’re going to HR Tech in Chicago next week, Jobvite is one of six companies invited to demo during the “Awesome New Technologies for HR” general session Thursday afternoon.

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This article is part of a series called News & Trends.
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