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Mar 22, 2018

Leading from the heart is needed in the forever changing staffing industry today. I believe it’s the new perspectives, a new movement! This perspective draws from the core of the human most basic need and values – compassion, trust, empathy, understanding, and kindness. All these values come from the heart, not from the head. We have a lot of challenges in our daily lives, but treating each other with the above-mentioned values could be the movement that we are all seeking whether we admit it or not. I have been doing a lot of soul-searching as well as research and have collected some ways that YOU could start today and make changes by first leading by the heart, gain knowledge by sharing and empowering from one another. Are you ready to lead from the heart?


Our industry is made up of many interactions with people, a simple smile breaks any language barrier, and it’s a silent, warm common action. It takes a simple smile to make a person’s day. It relaxes a nervous candidate, reassures your coworker that you’re there for them and most of all you are approachable.


Be aware of your words and actions so that you can be a positive influence, rather than adding fuel to the fire. Your positivity will provide insights into any discussion and invite others to see things from a different perspective, rather than allow negativity.


Being a believer in saying what you want, when you want to especially if it makes someone feel great. Whether it’s acknowledging someone’s success or their new shoes, a compliment will generate conversation and open up to you with a sense of comfort.


Doing things with colleagues is an excellent way to promote creativity and refine skills. Giving someone encouragement builds confidence and a sense of community when an individual needs it the most.


Little things matter right? Does that resonate with you? Making an effort like grabbing coffee or lunch with coworkers or calling a friend and letting them know how much they mean to you, gives all a sense of togetherness. A smaller group can encourage sharing and empower the shyer ones to speak up and providing them a voice.


Sourcers and recruiters should share; build relationships, which will lead to incredible bonds, trust, strength, and of course adventures in the forever-changing staffing world. Sharing can take five minutes, or it can turn into an hour-long conversation over coffee beverages, so share and grow! The more you know, the more you grow!


Knowledge is powerful, but not left to just a certification of acknowledgment is enough.

The most effective teachers are often our colleagues, friends, and family. By leading as the teacher can be more effective, efficient and build knowledgeable humans in this world.


Attend conferences, inspiring webinars, and even write some articles about your passion. Find those who you want to learn, grow and share from and be a resource for others. So don’t be afraid to motivate or join in the conversation. You have a voice, and all want to hear it.


By expanding your network, you’re gaining influence in your chosen community; surround yourself with positive individuals. Identify folks who may have similar beliefs and values are as contagious as a giggle. There is a great book called

I Found My Tribe” by Ruth Fitzmaurice. However, don’t let that word “Tribe” create a division – make it a mission to join and be heard.


Karma is like a plentiful, renewable resource. Doing well, giving freely, and treating others with respect will circle back around. Try being that person, the positive change for those around you. Yep, it’s a responsibility, so wear it wisely and wear it well. It takes real determination and commitment to your values to be a great leader. However, learning about others, your community, and the way the world works is valuable for leading from the heart.