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Sep 30, 2019

This was not my first time going to SourceCon. I had attended one year ago to date. Up until that point, I was 100% that girl who participated in every webinar I could find, took copious amounts of notes, followed every presenter, asked a ton of questions in chats and tried to figure out how to incorporate all this magic into my life.

I blame my Director for setting me on this journey… “Here Carrie, take this challenging account we are trying to break but don’t do anything normal, standard, traditional or typical.”

“You have to think outside of the box and do things internal recruiters aren’t yet – you can’t go to the job boards.”

Ummm, ok… I thought to myself.

Three years later, I am at my second SourceCon – I did not write about my first time… the first time is a special time for everyone because something brought you here and it is an overwhelmingly personal experience… you found it, or it found you.

I remember my first SourceCon like it was yesterday. I prepared my outfits, made sure I had my chargers, bought a new notebook, purple pen, and blew up the WHOVA app every chance I had to network and find people with similar interests. I took up all the vendors on their offers for happy hour and dinners and was also able to hang out with my sister in law who was there for another conference. It was a great time meeting industry leaders, attending sessions, and going to networking events. I learned very quickly that an introvert with extrovert tendencies would do just fine here. I made new friends, learned a ton, and made contacts for life. Your first SourceCon will blow your mind, and you will 110% have information overload and quite a few additions to your wardrobe. I do have tips for that but will save for another blog.

SourceCon attendees are a special breed of curious thinkers, feel-good givers, and true people-people.

Second time for me has been different… I attended this event knowing what to expect, where to go, what events I wanted to participate in, and who I now wanted to have more in-depth and more personal conversations with. My inner extrovert wanted out! I felt less nervous traveling solo and felt like I was going to a reunion more than a formal conference. I made contacts weeks before the event through the WHOVA app and planned some meetups to network. Even the Keynote Speakers and well-known Welcome Wagon folks were willing to make time and help with questions, ideas, and problems I needed help solving. I plan to follow up with quite a few of them and other attendees once I get home and continue the conversation…

Hey, they offered!

These people see the light in you go off when a “right-click extension trick” blows your mind or that you are a total sponge for new ideas and concepts. They genuinely appreciate that familiar spark and passion for sourcing we all have in common and want to collaborate and help you be successful! My coolest personal take away this year was the fact they selected me to facilitate the Tech Sourcing round table. When I found out, I could not believe it… being able to give back to the community that has taught me so much over the years has been an amazing and rewarding experience. I was able to help someone too and see that spark from the other side.

If you are on the fence about going to SourceCon – do not be. It is so worth it – this tribe is waiting for you.

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