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Sep 19, 2019
This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.

Each new conference season yields new product and company launches. As attendees flock to several different events scattered throughout the next few weeks, SourceCon attendees will get an exclusive preview of Resource. Resource, a candidate engagement, and outreach platform and CRM aspires to make organizations healthier, and they believe to do so we need to refresh today’s de facto recruiting and hiring practices – beginning with the sourcing process.

Resource is an organization that understands people, not just candidates. Founded by a former recruiter, candidate experience evangelist and SourceCon fan, Resource’s core products help organizations leverage their most valuable asset – their people – to amplify their sourcing process.

While working with some of Silicon Valley’s fastest-growing companies, Resource Founder and CEO Troy Sultan, who led recruiting at Grooveshark along with several hiring initiatives at Google before launching Resource, realized that companies could benefit from a new way to source, engage and nurture relationships that address the challenges of today’s market. “To consistently hit our hiring goals, we have to move away from a transactional, siloed recruiting model to a collaborative, relational one. And we have to do so creatively,” he said.

Resource recently launched the first Talent Outreach and CRM platform designed to get the whole company involved at the top of the funnel, enabling recruiting and sourcing teams to easily leverage a companies entire org chart to source top talent.

Simply put, recruiters and sourcers can use Resource to initiate, personalize, and nurture relationships with candidates, with the help of employees across the company, while still guiding the company’s targeting and messaging. This leads to higher response and conversion rates, better candidate experience, and a reduced time-to-hire as the whole organization contributes to the top of the funnel. Recruiters can easily use Resource in “single-player” mode and begin involving the broader team over time.

Candidate experience has been at the forefront of most conversations over the past few years. Sourcers and recruiters have adopted this by spending more time personalizing messages to candidates. This is where Resource’s automation can add a lot of value and time-saving initiatives for recruiters and sourcers alike.

“For most companies, recruiting and hiring is a critical business function but one that’s often handled by a small team of internal recruiters or HR professionals ‘in the corner,” said Sultan. This approach doesn’t work when hiring is your primary obstacle to growth. Recruiting has to become a part of the company’s DNA. “Top recruiting teams we see are beginning to think of every employee as a 5% recruiter,” says Sultan. “The most successful in-house teams and agencies are increasingly focused on being facilitators of the recruiting process, and looking at the broader org chart as valuable players to call on for specific plays.”

Resource powers the sourcing efforts of world-class recruiting organizations like WeWork, DoorDash, Reddit, Glossier who cite the platform as a critical advantage to winning the talent war. To learn more about Resource, visit their booth at SourceCon. They are also sponsoring our hackathon competition!

“I’m most excited to spend time with and get to know a diverse community of recruiting and sourcing minds from a variety of industries,” said Sultan. “We started Resource in the heart of Silicon Valley, which can sometimes be isolated in its ways of thinking, and I value the perspectives of folks from both in and outside of the SV tech ecosystem – especially how they see the industry evolving. I’m looking forward to getting to know the humans who make up the SourceCon community.”

This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.
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