Podcast: Sourcing In the UK vs. the U.S. – A Chat With DeeDee Doke of

Nov 16, 2010

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting DeeDee Doke. Doke is the editor of, the ‘web home’ of Recruiter, the UK’s principal magazine for recruiting. She made the trip across the pond to check out our SourceCon DC conference in September, and we had a conversation recently regarding some of the differences in the recruiting profession in general between the United States and the UK. We got into some of the differences of how sourcing is viewed as well. It is interesting, because there is a completely different perception of sourcing in the U.S. than there is in the UK, as well as the rest of the world.

Generally speaking, what Doke shared is that sourcing is viewed in the UK as an entry-level career, a stepping stone if you will to becoming a recruiter. While there are still remnants of this perception here in the States, there are more and more people who realize that sourcing is so much more than entry-level recruiting work. Doke said that there is a growing interest in the UK to understand sourcing’s unique place within established recruiting teams. We agree and would certainly love to have our UK sourcing colleagues join us in New York City for the next SourceCon conference that is coming up in February so you can learn how to educate your recruiting colleagues on your role within your companies!

Check out the whole podcast with Doke below. I certainly look forward to having more chats with her – as well as with many of you – as we learn more about global sourcing and how our profession translates across the world.