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Apr 20, 2016
This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.

For years, Prophet has been a popular choice with many sourcers.  It’s a chrome extension that unveils contact information and other social sites on most social profiles. Prophet has been working hard to give us access to information which is typically hard to find. The geniuses behind the product have been working more discreetly than usual to launch new features to its vast capabilities. Recently, Prophet added an email permutation algorithm, which is extremely simple to use.

Let’s say you’re sourcing in LinkedIn and come across an interesting profile, and Prophet fails to provide an email address. When this happens, it will show a find email button. When you press on it, the first thing it does is look for other emails. If it cannot find any emails it will say “verification failed,” and bring back several possible emails based on its predictive algorithm. These possible emails will be from one of the big three email domains; Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo. You will then have the ability to copy these predictive emails and test each to see which one is valid. Now, I have done this several hundred times and have found it to have a 70% accurate rate, which is pretty good.

But wait there’s more…

Prophet now has two new abilities. The first is called “Lists.” As the name implies, it is the ability to grab people’s profiles and add them to a list. Since Prophet works in so many social sites, you can grab information on candidates from multiple social profiles and add them to a list. Now, Prophet can act as a CRM.

The second feature Prophet has added is the ability to ask for help. Basically, what they call “Bounties,” is a way to ask others in the community for help finding information on a candidate that is rather difficult to find.

The video below shows all of what Prophet can do now.


The people at Prophet have been constantly trying to make their product better, and with these additions they are succeeding. Of course, as you can imagine, the best is just to come.

This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.
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