“Simple Is Better” With Loxo

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Mar 3, 2017
This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.

Loxo is a very straightforward and easy to use Talent Acquisition tool. It has sourcing automation, ATS/CRM capabilities, people aggregator capabilities, and recruitment marketing. And all in one system. It even has a Chrome Extension. The premise is simple is better, so they make this tool so easy a cave dweller can use it. It has a flexible and very appealing design and user interface.

Sourcing with Loxo is also very straightforward. Let’s say you come across a candidate on LinkedIn. Press the Loxo button which opens up a window giving you multiple choices. You can add this candidate to Loxo, tag them, you can use Loxo Connect (which will add them to Loxo), and also find contact information. You can specify the type of person, i.e., candidate, contact or contractor. You can even put in notes.

When you use Loxo Connect, it will add them to Loxo, and then start looking for verified contact information. Not just work, but personal contact information as well. Best of all, you don’t need to wait. It will email you when it finds the missing contact information.

Once in Loxo, you go to the dashboard, and there will be a list of all the people you added. You can then search, add them to lists, download them as a CSV to upload to another system and more. Within the dashboard, you can also, keep track of companies, do analytics, keep track of jobs, tasks and much more. All the different areas are searchable. In the jobs area, you can have status’s, type of job, and even who owns it. So this system is also built for the agency recruiter as well as the small company.

In the people area, you can search, see a list of all the people with names, titles, contact info, company, location date they were added, the source and who added them. Of course, you can also select specific people and add to lists, or download the files as CSVs. You can also upload records and resumes. You can also click on a particular person and get an in-depth look at all activity around this individual to include; full experience breaks down, notes, event streams, tasks and more. You can also set up reminders, call or SMS reminders and more

In the companies area, you see a list of all the companies where you people are from. This lets you know which companies to target.

The jobs area allows you to list all your jobs, search, assign people to the jobs as well as post to job boards.

The report area allows you to run reports based on user, activity type, position, a particular date range, call analytics, and also allows you to export the reports.

The task area lets you see all your tasks and puts them into categories such as; not started, in progress, completed, etc. You can add tasks, add new types of jobs.

In addition to all of this, is the capability of email functionality. This feature in Loxo allows you to generate an email directly from it and select email templates. You can add and sync multiple email accounts from multiple providers.

Now while Loxo does have a chrome extension, it also has a widget which can be used as a bookmarklet for other browsers.

This tool has, ATS/CRM, automatic data capture, email/calendar integration, custom workflows, a Chrome extension, bookmarklet, posting to job boards, drag and drop pipelining and much much more. This tool has it all.

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This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.