SourceCon Grandmaster Challenge Round One Winners

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Nov 26, 2019

Whew!  That was a tough round wasn’t it?  Thanks to everyone who participated in the challenge.  The competition was fierce and the contestants were battling through! There were over 400 people who took the challenge, which is awesome.  We picked the top 20 winners who finished with the highest scores AND the shortest time to complete the test.  So with that, here are the top 20 winners for round one of the SourceCon Grandmaster 2020 challenge:

Casey Casella
Natalie Glick
Alison Wray
Cara Hunter
Evelyn Egan
Ryan Kabir
Jessie Caudron
Michelle Zhang
Miranda Hinshaw
Shannon Kelly
Karan Bhore
Mathilde K
Gane Whoo
Ben Solomon
Kristin Hughes
Vanessa Raath
Marc Hamel
Benjamin Royce
Eline Aanhane
Robert Nunn

The game was not easy!  It seems like a lot of people got stuck at question 5 and question 9.  When it comes to a challenge like this or the SourceCon Hackathon, there are a couple of things to always remember:

  1. Research is the name of the game. A good sourcer must be able to research any problem.  I realize that this is a given, but it’s the core of our job!
  2. Don’t overthink the questions.  This can sometimes cause analysis paralysis.  Sometimes the simplest path is the correct one.
  3. Be able to solve a problem in different ways.  Because you never know when one of those ways may be taken away from you!

This advice not only applies to the game you just played, but also to the next round.  We will be sending out information regarding the next round of the challenge, which will start on January 13th.  I would also like to thank the Grandmaster team for their work in creating this part of the challenge: Cyndy Davis, Aaron Lintz, Randy Bailey, Steve Levy, Iker Jusue, Jim Schnyder, Shannon Pritchett, Dean Da Costa and Jim Stroud.

Good game so far!  Be prepared for the next round.  You will need your detective hats for that one!

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