#SourceCon Is On And So Is The Challenge

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Sep 20, 2012
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If you’re here in Texas with us, welcome to SourceCon! We have two really exciting days of learning, networking and sourcing that we are happy to share with y’all. Sorry to drop a little drawl on you.

If you’re not here today, we’re going to be sharing as much on the Twitter hashtag (#sourcecon for the uninitiated) as well as on over the next few days as we can. Unfortunately, we won’t be livestreaming this time around. Both a location and internal staffing change made it impossible this go around.

We are bummed about that but excited that this is, very officially, our biggest SourceCon ever.

To get things going though, we will be kicking off things with a SourceCon challenge that those both near and far can participate in that starts right… about…

Well, we should set the stage first.

That’s your destination. But before you go, let’s lay out the conditions:

  1. Answer these questions as fast as you can! Can you answer them all? Will you rise to the challenge?
  2. You have one shot to take the quiz, no retakes, no rewinds.
  3. Once you log in the clock starts. You get 60 minutes to complete it. Yeah, its timed!
  4. You can pause the timer by logging out but while you are on a quiz page the clock keeps ticking. Logging off and on to stop the clock to answer questions is prohibited.
  5. Everyone with a passing score will receive honorable mention in the announcement.
  6. If we think you are cheating we reserve the right to boot you and give your prize to the next runner up.
  7. We do have a few  “surprise” prizes for tie breakers, and honorable mentions, so do your best and you may score!
  8. HINT: not all questions have the same point value! You can earn up to 75 points total
  9. The challenge concludes tomorrow (Friday) at 9am Central Daylight Time.

The prizes are pretty great as well:

  • 1st place gets one seat at SourceU, an intensive 2-day sourcing and recruiting course  (value:  $1,799)
  • 2nd place gets an all-access pass to SourceCon 2013, (value: $1,095)
  • 3rd place receives one year Charter Membership at The Sourcing Institute, (value: $799)
  • 4th and 5th runner ups receive their choice of a 6-Module Set from The Sourcing Institute, (value: $479)

Big thanks to our friends at The Sourcing Institute and 4SCT for the help in putting together the challenge and offering up a few goodies to our participants.

So the challenge starts now. You have 24 hours. We’ll be announcing the winners tomorrow!

This article is part of a series called Q/A.
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