#SourceCon Las Vegas 2018 Day 2 Recap

Feb 28, 2018
This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.

SourceCon and the Social Engineers

Day 2 started off with happy and smiling attendees heading into breakfast to start their day while being accompanied by the sounds of guitarist Mark Lucarelli. With stomachs full and minds ready, we head into our keynotes with Shannon introducing renowned Jessica Clark. She showed off her social engineering skills by taking over a person’s cell phone account with just a YouTube video of a baby crying and a phone call. Jessica goes on to show that with the tiniest bit of information, a skilled social hacker can find the information they need to follow your digital breadcrumbs and alter your perception of reality.

From there, Glen Cathey leads a keynote into understanding the human element of sourcing and recruiting. Glen goes into the foundational elements of social engineering ranging from empathy, framing, and more, and how they are used to leverage higher response and candidate conversion rates.

After refreshments, we went into our roundtable sessions where attendees enjoyed peer-to-peer learning and networking over a variety of topics, problems, issues, and solutions. After lunch, the conference divided into the many tracks such as purple squirrels to anonymous, with focus on how social aspects and engineering can impact your sourcing efforts.

After a long day of learning, networking, and excitement, it was time for our Networking Reception filled with food, drinks, and more meets and greets. Caricature artists were busy drawing and attendees were busy taking photos in the photo booth. Good conversations and connections were made all around.

The last but not least part of the day was the annual SourceCon Hack-A-Thon, which Workable so kindly sponsored the Grand Prize (an IPad!). Laptops were buzzing as well as the minds of the hardcore sourcers, recruiters, and all around techies as they navigate through rounds of challenges overseen by Mark Tortorici and Shannon Pritchett. After the dust settled, there was only one. And that one was no other than Susanna Conway Frazier, who is a multiple-time winner of the Hack-A-Thon. Congrats Susanna!

Now we move on to the final stretch of SourceCon, and we hope all you guys have had an excellent time so far!

This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.
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