#SourceCon Las Vegas 2018 Day 3 Recap

Mar 1, 2018

Gold, Diamonds, Respect and a New Grandmaster!

Day three kicked off quickly with Aaron Lintz, and his keynote on how to hack conference lists (please don’t hack ours, lol) by using skills curated from the worlds of marketing, business intelligence, and programming. Aaron showed how to mine this data for hyper-targeted, and fresh lists and creating exclusive data that is useful and tangible.

From mining Gold to searching for Diamonds in the rough, Lisa Bock took us through using low and high-tech tools dig through the petabytes of information for the “Perfect Recruit.”

After morning refreshments and networking, a lot of the attendees made their way into the innovations labs to check out the new technologies that are available in the industry. Special shout-outs to Bayard Labs, Bountyjobs, Career Builder, Dice, Mya, TopPick, Uncommon, WebClipDrop, WhoKnows, and Workable!

After another fabulous lunch, we went back into the General Session Room to find out who the new Grandmaster was. The Grandmaster Challenge is a staple of SourceCon. The best of the best compete in real-world sourcing challenges to see who can complete it in the fastest time possible.

Congratulations this year to Cyndy Davis on taking the title this year!

The last tracks of the day start, and the last opportunities to learn started, and attendees were dividing themselves into the Purple Squirrel, Anonymous, Sheryl Sandberg and Programmers to soak it all up.

Speakers like Larry Hernandez showed Purple Squirrels how to reverse the sourcing engine to do inbound sourcing by providing attendees with methodologies and systems to solve and attract candidates. Greg Hawkes gave tools and techniques to unlock candidate outside of LinkedIn and Chrome extensions. Glenn Gutmacher spoke to attendees on how to get more diverse candidates into your pipeline.

Before the last sessions of the day, attendees all got to enjoy an ice cream social! What’s better than ice cream?

Last but not least, the sessions leading to the end of the conference was a treasure trove of information. Mike Rasmussen took a deep dive into how to build a sourcing pipeline for long-term success by leveraging different sources on the internet to build relationships with your prospects. Kevin Walters shared how he attracted, nurtured and retained diverse talent at Amazon through effective communications and overcoming objections from peers and hiring partners.

Then, the conference was over. 🙁

Be sure to catch us in Atlanta for the next SourceCon!

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