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Aug 23, 2018
This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.

Have you heard the great news? SourceCon is going local! The SourceCon community is larger than ever, and it is expanding into local chapter meetups and events. If you ever wanted to know what the SourceCon community is all about, I encourage you to go out to one of our local chapters‘ meetups.

Each local chapter is run by a community leader and influencer. Each chapter meets around their own local schedule. If you’ve been to SourceCon, these are the perfect places to continue building the relationships, learning, and spirit of what the community is all about.

Here are our upcoming September events:

September 5th

SourceCon Chicago – Register here!
Access Code: FBCHI

SourceCon DFW – Register here!

SourceCon Kansas City – Register here!

SourceCon Portland – Register here!

SourceCon Salt Lake City – Register here!

September 12th

SourceCon NYC – Registration details TBD

September 20th

SourceCon LondonRegister here!

SourceCon Twin CitiesRegister here!

September 24-26th

The BIG conference in Atlanta 

This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.
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