SourceCon Spotlight: Up and Coming Sourcers – Lacy Harmon

Jan 14, 2009

Our first Spotlight of 2009 belongs to Lacy Harmon, Recruitment Sourcer for C2HM HILL in Boulder, Colorado. There, Lacy supports the Civil Infrastructure part of the business in looking for hard to find skill sets related to water and transportation engineering.

Lacy has been in a research role for just about two years. In 2004, she started her career with CH2M HILL in the Human Resources group as a generalist. In 2006 CH2M HILL restructured its Human Resources group to include a Talent Acquisition Center in response to the tight labor market in the engineering field, and she decided to take on a sourcing position at that time.

According to Lacy, she feels privileged to work with an excellent group of recruiters and sourcers, all of whom she has been able to learn a great deal from. Her sourcing group in particular works together very well and shares new knowledge amongst one another on a daily basis. Attending SourceCon 2008 was a very eye opening experience for Lacy. She tells us that it was amazing to talk to other sourcers and learn about the technologies they are using successfully and hear about how their teams are structured and how they work with the recruiting team. She came away from the conference with a new outlook on sourcing and saw the need for sourcing at CH2M HILL to become more proactive and strategic.

Upon returning from SourceCon Lacy and her co-workers were able to take a new look at how sourcing at CH2M HILL could become more strategic and proactive. This motivated them to propose a new centralized/strategic sourcing group within the firm. They are currently implementing this new group and are all very excited about what lies ahead – so if anyone has any knowledge of how to successfully run a centralized sourcing team, I’m sure she’d be thrilled to talk!

A unique tool that Lacy has created for herself as well as her team is a “sourcing roadmap”, where she lists out all of the resources she has available and tracks her success with them in order to get more focused on searches and determine the most successful resources. This has been incredibly helpful in overcoming some of the biggest obstacles she faces, one of which is quite simply the areas in which she researches. Lacy says that some of the skill sets she looks for are hard to find. She works through this by not only referencing the sourcing roadmap, but also reaching out to her co-workers for brainstorming sessions.

In her spare time, Lacy has recently gone back to school to earn her Masters Degree. She has also recently gotten engaged, so the next several months are going to be consumed with studying and wedding planning for her.

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