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Nov 25, 2016
This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.

Every sourcer should know the importance of writing a well-crafted email, job description, and even a text message when communicating with a prospective candidate. SourceCon has covered some of these tools and techniques that can help improve communication with candidates in the past. One of the newest players to help with our communication skills is Textdiver. Textdiver uses natural language processing, text statistics, and data mining techniques to determine word count, sentence count, average word length, average sentence length, lexical density, readability, estimated reading time and estimated speaking time. It can do a lot. The most conspicuous characteristics for sourcers its capacity to change readability, lexical density, and word count.

From, lexical density is the number of content words divided by the total number of words. Lexical (relating to the vocabulary of a language) words give a text its meaning and provide information regarding what the text is about. In regard to writing, lexical density is simply a measure of how informative a text is. Considering this comparison a sourcer should strive for a lexical density between 35-40% to ensure your sentence is well constructed.

It is recommended for sourcers to strive for a readability score of at least six and a conceivable word count of approximately 200-300 words.

Below is a screenshot of the analysis done on one of my emails.


As you can see, the results above fall within the parameters. Now, of course, there is always more. If you push the full analysis button you get the following added info: The actual text, insights that include formality of test, information context, use of vocabulary, lexical diversity, sentence spread and a whole lot more. It may be one of the most in-depth analyses of writing I have ever seen. Oh, and by the way in case I forgot…its FREE!






This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.
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