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Apr 17, 2019

This I have learned over the last 19 years; gosh I am old; the only real way you’re going to get better at anything is owning it. Why look to someone else, whether it’s your manager, your colleague or heck even your mentor to improve in your career? Do you think they know you more or hold the magic that you think you need to grow?

In my experience, and I firmly believe that there is a better version of ourselves waiting for us. To realize this better version, we need to be devoted to taking consistent steps towards self-improvement. Unfortunately, it’s all too often that we wait for someone to tell us what to do, or what classes to take, etc.

So are you interested in getting better as a staffing professional regardless of what position? Are you interested in designing your professional development? Awesome!

If you answered yes to both questions, then take a look at the following suggestions that I have been working on my own on how to OWN your development. We need to start taking charge of our evolution. I hope that this will spark your interests to better yourself as a staffing professional, a contributor to our industry. No one else will do it for you.

I am a massive fan of knowledge, don’t let the excuses get in the way of taking free or paid courses. You can further study your specific field, or you can take courses focused on leadership without being a leader. Either way, having access to resources, relevant books, and like-minded professionals goes a long way in improving your impact in our industry.

I love reading and listening, so pick up a book about our industry OR listen to an audible while driving. Why spend mega-dollars on a degree when you can open up discussion and reading books on your own for far less money? Get yourself on, where you can gain access to all the latest books about how to grow, lead, design, a little better.

Subscribe to articles, bloggers you admire, share ideas and learn from. There are dozens of publications out there related to the staffing industry. Subscribe to these for a regular dose of the “best ideas out there.” Who knows, you too can be one people follow and share your experiences.

By, writing and publishing your own ideas with platforms like SourceCon, LinkedIn and any of the blogging platforms. We all learn more about subjects that may have been shared, but not by you and you matter. When colleagues share their own experiences; instead of just reading others’ ideas from publications, why not write your own materials based on your mastery of specific areas that others can benefit from?

I know you all hear this from me all the time, but attend conferences is so important.

Maybe not all of them, but at least participate in one. Books and publications are great ways to access top-of-the-line ideas about our industry. But you can also go directly to the sources and personally interact with others, leaders at conferences. Not only attend, but also submit ideas to speak at conferences. Why not? If I can do it, anyone can! Putting yourself in such a position challenges you to master certain concepts and make a change that you want to see and don’t let anyone tell you, that you can’t! If they do, that’s their insecurities.

Join professional organizations in our industry; there are many professional organizations for all levels in our industry. OWN IT! Find a few in your area, or even take part in national organizations! Being a part of a professional organization connects you to people, ideas, and resources that you might not typically have access to if you remained in your area.

I am not sure if it’s my military training, but creating goals for yourself is so important. Don’t wait for your manager or your lead to tell you where you need to improve. Examine your own growth and decide for yourself where you want to focus on and OWN IT. Write your goals down, as well as the steps for achieving them. Then, present them to your manager, who really wants to help, but only can help if they know what you want to do. Trust me; I am learning this right now.

I think this is a hard, but important one, get observed by others. Openly invite feedback from others, but establish your goals with them so that they can provide constructive and kind feedback. If you’re confident as a sourcer, recruiter, etc. then you’re sure enough to invite other professionals to provide you with feedback and suggestions. Having trustworthy colleagues willing to help you is an enormous resource toward your professional development.

I have a few who would make fantastic contributors in our community, but most always give me the “When Do I Have Time for This?” –  Well, if this is something you want to, then you’ll make time. For me, I don’t sleep most of the time, I write and paint late at night or early am – when all in the house is still sleeping. I put on some Andrea Bocelli, have a hard cider and start. I do have excellent colleagues, family, and friends who make fantastic editors, and I am thankful! So if your own professional development is essential to you, then you can find a way to make it happen and OWN IT! 

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