Sourcing for Hurricane Harvey – Ways to Donate and Support Houston Residents

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Aug 31, 2017
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I’ve lived in Houston for a while now, and hurricane season has always been a nervous time for many of this city’s residents. However, this week has been a swirling world of chaos for Houston. We’ve all been affected in some way.

When Hurricane Harvey was downgraded from Category 4 hurricane to a Category 1, we thought we were going to be okay. But the rain continued, and the water kept rising. Everyone in Houston right now is tense, stressed, worried, and doing everything to help out families and neighbors. Today, we walked a few blocks from our house and saw it, the water, the boats, the families who lost everything, and all the emergency personnel and volunteers pulling people from the flood waters; it was sad and surreal.

Caption: Local rescue efforts in Kingwood, TX, a few blocks from my house. Countless Helicopters were flying overhead, and boats were in the water. The photo was taken by Jan Mangum.

For all the heroes out there right now, the police, firefighters, neighbors, truck and boat drivers, reporters, and abundant good samaritans, you keep us all safe. Thank you. I’ve never seen a community or city come together so quickly, with such urgency and compassion. When my neighbor from across the street came over yesterday with tools in each arm to help us dig our pool of water a deeper pathway, that’s when it hit me who Houston is. We’re family, no matter what, we take care of each other as brothers and sisters.

Caption: We saw volunteers pulling victims from a Senior Living Community from one of the boats and taking them in for shelter. The photo was taken by Jan Mangum.

The heart of this city is beating strongly with each one of us, willing to drop everything to help a friend, family member, or stranger out there needing it. The human kindness I’ve seen from others this week is just truly unbelievable.

This stuff makes you realize what humanity is, helping others in need no matter what, it is heart warming. We are going to make it through this Houston because we have each other to lean on.

Here are some of the resources I have come across to help out those in need:

The local sourcing community of SourceHouston has a fundraising page to help victims of the storm:

Per Shannon Pritchett and Arron Daniels:

The sourcing and recruiting community stands behind Houston. Thanks to leaders in our profession, we’re mobilizing, and we’re helping where we can. 

 SourceCon is proud to donate a FREE pass to Fall SourceCon to the SourceHouston community to every $500 donated, up to 20 passes.

 This fund is to provide Houston shelters with what they need in real time. As the needs of the shelters change, so will our donations, i.e., right now they need personal hygiene items, XL, XXL, size clothing, and cleaning supplies. Source Houston leaders and attendees will donate time, money, and elbow grease to pitch in and help rebuild our community. 

We got you Houston! #HoustonStrong!


Disaster Assistance

List of Emergency Rescue Numbers via KHOU:

Here are a few articles and links where you can find other ways to help:

Donate to the Red Cross (For Hurricane Harvey)

Houston Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

Donate to the JJ Watt Foundation (for Hurricane Harvey)

Other ways to Donate and Help via an article on CNN


Houston needs your support. When it comes down to it, what matters most is that our families, friends, coworkers, and neighbors are safe. Anything you could give at this point will be enormously appreciated, I guarantee it.

Thoughts and prayers out to all of our Houston family out there, we are all here for you!





This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.
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