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Jul 20, 2018

Want to find a website for U.S.-based and foreign workers seeking opportunities in America? What about companies or their contacts who hire foreign workers? is the site for you. draws information from a variety of sources, including public websites, job boards, social networks and government agencies, including Dept. of Labor, Census Bureau, IRS, and FBI. (Note: For this article, I created an account as a member to see information that is unseen by non-members.)

I covered the areas which I believe are useful for finding data relating to companies & their employees (Employer Database tab), potential candidates (Candidate tab) and jobs relevant to a company (Occupation).

Employee Database

Myvisajobs has an employer database you can search data relating to:

  • Employer: As of this article there were over 743K employers and over 723K visa sponsors.
  • E-Verify: Used to determine companies or organizations and the employment eligibility of their employees after hire.
  • Wage: Prevailing wage rates
  • New Jobs: Job search by title and location as well as the employer, title, and state
  • H1B Jobs (Legacy): Legacy LCA Database (updated quarterly) – H1B Visa
  • H1B Jobs (Current)
  • Green Card Jobs
  • Candidate: Search candidates for Work Visa Jobs

Enter the name of the company you would like to research, such as Cintas in my example. The result yielded 45 locations, but we want to focus on the corporate office.

Choosing the corporate office location, you will see a company report, contact, visa, salary, occupation, location and review tabs relating to Cintas. I see two company contacts with partial information for email and phone, which does not deter me, as I can do a Boolean search to find the information or use one of my sourcing tools (Hiretual, Lusha, ContactOut).

Choosing the “Contact” tab leads me to four other employees.

Various sourcing methods, such as X-raying into ZoomInfo, can help find titles to fill in the blanks:

Other potentially useful information is found on the other tabs for the company results, including:

  • Visa – Stats regarding H1B Visa Jobs and filing information for Green Cards
  • Salary – Average salary information for the company’s H1B Visa and Green Card jobs
  • Location – Information about the company’s hottest Visa job locations and hottest Green Care job locations
  • Reviews – If the company has been reviewed by employees or job applications for the company you would find them here


As you can see, offers a wide variety of options for researching individuals. Say I am looking potential candidates whose occupation are related to IT and Math and have Python experience.

I can go to the bottom of the main page to the “Candidates” section and choose the option “IT & Math.”

Once your option is chosen, you will then come upon a page in which you can narrow down your candidates by skills, job title, occupation, career level, degree, residence (US only or any country), work authorization (US Citizen, Green Card, EAD, H1B and so on).

For my search, I chose to find candidates with Python skills whose occupation was IT and Math, with a master’s degree, in any country, and with US citizen/Green Card as work authorization. My returned results were nine potential candidates found. (If I had chosen to add additional work authorization such as EAD and H1B Visa for Transfer I would have had 158 results returned.)

By selecting one of the results, I can see California (CA) and they also list additional information that will assist us in finding them such as their skills and titles.

Note that the email can only be seen by verified employer, but do not let that stop you!

I did a basic Boolean search by entering their name (not even in quotes) to see what pulls up on Google’s search engine. The results are fruitful and as you can see I was able to use keywords from the Myvisajobs listing and find the individual as well as a possible email on the fourth result returned by Google.


The “Occupation” tab shows the hottest H1B job titles and job occupations as well as Green Card job titles and job applications related to the Cintas or any company you enter. These sections give you insight into what titles are relevant to the company.

Choosing software developers, applications, shows me they have two certified candidates in 2018 for the Mason, Ohio location and they are from India. Maybe you could find who they are for your next search?

Finding qualified candidates, even those who are immigrants can be challenging some days. Having a source, like Myvisajobs, which uses modeling methods to analyze millions of visa petitions and job openings on a one-stop-shop site can lead you to find the candidates you need. Never hesitate to try new tools and site you can never have too many in your bag of tricks!

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