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Jul 11, 2019

Swordfish is one of the best contact finding tools out there right now. It finds both work and personnel emails, work, home, and cell phone numbers, as well as social sites and a lot more.

Swordfish works on multiple sites to include Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Meetup, Google, Github, Stack Overflow, and many others. Also, it has an identification capability, meaning if you are doing a Google search and the results have enough info they will tell you if Swordfish has contact information on that person, right in the Google results.

To use the tool, you click the icon in the ribbon when on a profile. Of course, you can set it too open automatically as well. When you open it, you will see what information is available and decide if you want to use a credit or not. It costs one credit to get everything. You do get ten free per month, and the cost is very competitive with an avg cost of 60 cents per credit and credits do rollover in all paid accounts.

Now, of course, there is more. If you click on the icon in the ribbon and then click on the “Search Engine” button, you will open up the Swordfish search capabilities where you can search for people based on various points of data. For example, in the Name Search, you can add Name and Company OR Name, and Location and the tool will try to find the person and information on them.

When I input my information, like my name, I received several results, one of which contained my phone number. Swordfish allows you to search beyond names, and also with phone numbers, email addresses, social media profiles, and physical addresses.

In talking with Ben Argeband of Swordfish, I was made aware of several things that will be coming soon. One is the ability to highlight and right click your mouse to do these various people searches. This comes at a great time since PIPL just ended its free search and is now charging a lot to use it. Also, to be released soon is the ability to upload a CSV with some data, and it will find your contact information.

One of the things I like about Swordfish is they seem to be continually looking to make the tool better. They are even working on having partnerships with some of the most in-demand tools on the market, such as Seekout and Zapinfo.

Given how much information it provides you and how many places and websites it works on, Swordfish might be the best contact finding tool to enter the market in a long time.

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