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May 20, 2019

In this day and age of music, many songs bring to mind things that are in our day-to-day life. Take for example, “Talk Nerdy to Me.” In the song, the singer, Jason Derulo, is speaking to a girl on what appears to be an online gaming session – “I’m going 30 hours online straight now. You make it hard to leave.” How many of us have spent COUNTLESS hours online doing Boolean or data mining? I am guilty of chasing down a rabbit hole for many hours (after all, it is not just work for me, it’s also fun!).

Want to save yourself countless hours online finding the perfect lead that has programming skills? Check out the ways you can find top talent with the tips below.


JavaScript (JS) is a great programming language, often for beginners. Typically, JavaScript is written into an HTML page. There are various versions, including 1.5 (current version) and 2.0 (which is under development).

Using Boolean to x-ray into LinkedIn JavaScript (1.5 | 2.0) -job –jobs, I was able to yield 133,000 results. Desiring to narrow my search, I can look for individuals who have an email associated with their LinkedIn profile using JavaScript (1.5 | 2.0) -job –jobs ( |, which narrowed down the results to 3,960.

You can use JavaScript (1.5 | 2.0) intitle:resume -sample –samples to find resumes of individuals doing JavaScript. During my search, I ran into a site called, where I used JavaScript resume -sample –template, which returned 1,740 results. One of the results led me to a Front End Web Developer with an email address, LinkedIn profile and GitHub tags.

Keep in mind that many of the resumes are HTML, but if you take an extra look into the site, you can find a way to download resumes of potential leads.


Swift is a general purpose compiled mobile development programming language for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, Linux and z/OS. I created a Boolean string swift (iOS | macOS | watchOS | tvOS | Linux | z/OS) developer -jobs –job, and in my results, I found a link to the site for the Swift San Jose conference (June 2019) and Swift Open Source Contributors.”

The website had a hyperlink connected to the Swift open source project, and 682 contributors since July 2010 here You can find email addresses for individuals by using a free Google extension GitHub email. All you have to do is enter the GitHub user name to see the email address.


Rust is an open-source systems programming language that is similar to C++ but faster and more memory efficient. Many companies that are well known, including Firefox, Dropbox, Yelp and Cloudeflare use Rust. Using Rust (Firefox | Yelp | Dropbox | Cloudflare), I found 1,950 potential leads for Rust users and Rust (Firefox | Yelp | Dropbox | Cloudflare) (intitle:resume | inurl:resume), returned 15,800 potential leads.

Finding Other Programmers (User Groups, Conferences and SpiderFoot)

User groups

Where do I go to find programmers? User groups! You can find experts commenting and sharing their expertise on various programs. I wanted to find user groups and individuals who may have an email associated with (JavaScript | Swift | Rust) “user groups” ( | | In the many results I pulled in, I found many email addresses. An additional search, (JavaScript | Swift | Rust) developer ( | |, led me to many other potential leads as well.

Who does not love conferences? There are numerous conferences each year and keeping up with them allows me to find potential leads that attend various technical conferences. My favorite site, is an open source site that allows me to keep up-to-date on conferences in the U.S. and abroad.

(Additional information from contributors to can be found here


I used SpiderFoot, a tool that automates queries to over 100 public data sources (OSINT) to gather information on IP addresses, domain names, email address and more. The data returned from a SpiderFoot scan will reveal a lot of information about your targets and potentially others associated with that email (aka – other potential leads).

Additionally, you can verify emails of leads found.

(I recommend using a personal computer (not your employer’s) to use this tool. YouTube has several excellent videos explaining how to set-up and use SpiderFoot for your needs.)

One of the results I found during a search resulted in an email for a Java developer. I used SpiderFoot to cross-check the email against 100 sites and came across her profile on the Microsoft Technet Community, along with other potential leads.

Hunting for the perfect programming expert can be fun and challenging. Using various techniques can spare you time to catch up on your favorite hobby or relationships.

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