The 2016 State of Sourcing Survey – The Persona

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Oct 4, 2016
This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.

Each year, hundreds of sourcers participate in SourceCon’s annual State of Sourcing Survey. This survey helps us take a look at patterns, trends and the technology that sourcers are using throughout their day. This year, nearly 900 sourcers and sourcing leaders completed one of our largest surveys to date. Throughout this week, we will be sharing the survey results and some analysis into what we noticed.


The Persona 

Before we share the results of our survey, it is important to understand the persona of the audience that completed it. This persona was built on the average majority of responses.


Meet Judy

Judy is a full-time corporate recruiter in the telecommunications industry with four years of experience. She lives in a major metropolitan area and earns a salary of roughly $51,000-$60,000 annually. At any given time, Judy has 10-11 requisitions open. She fills over 121 positions each year.


What she does

Prior to sourcing, she spends approximately 30 minutes meeting with the hiring manager during intake sessions. She spends an additional 20 minutes gathering competitive and marketing intelligence. Prior to sourcing, Judy spends 50 minutes preparing to source for her open position.

Every day, Judy uses her paid LinkedIn account to source candidates. She is extremely satisfied with LinkedIn as it fills most of her positions. In addition to LinkedIn, Judy will also use Indeed and sometimes CareerBuilder to source candidates.

Outside of job boards, she likes to build her own search strings in search engines but sometimes relies on SourceHub for help. Though she doesn’t use many sourcing tools, such does use Prophet and Connecitifier to find contact information.

Once a month, Judy will use Twitter and Facebook to find candidates. About 10 percent of her hires come from these sources. Once she finds her candidates, Judy spends on average 45 minutes a day customizing messages. Her average response rate is 35 percent.


The Results


Please select your gender from the following choices


Which of the following best describes your Role? NOTE – If your employer fits more than one of the following, choose your answer based on the part of the company that you work in. For example, if your company provides temp staffing, direct hire, and RPO services, and you work in the RPO division, choose “RPO”.


Please select from the following choices the average volume of hiring you do in a year


What is the primary focus of your hiring?


What best describes your current employment classification?


Which of the following most closely resembles your role responsibility


For 2016, what is your total annual pay? “Total annual pay” equals your cash compensation (e.g. salary, bonuses, project fees, etc.) in U.S. dollars. It does NOT include the value of your benefits, paid time off, equity/stock options etc. If you will work for less than 12 months in 2016, please enter an amount that would be equivalent to what you would have earned had you worked the entire year.


How many years of recruiting/sourcing experience do you have?


How many open requisitions, on average, do you typically have at any one time? (NOTE: you personally, not your department or team)


Tomorrow we will take a closer look at sourcing technology and time management.

This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.
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