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Jun 12, 2019
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Recruiting a good employee can take months, and it can cost your company a lot of money. It also costs your company a ton of productivity because the process is lengthy. However, the numbers are there, proving that hiring someone isn’t easy. The fact that the process is long and time-consuming means that many brands fail to attract the right talent for their business because they are rushing to find someone. But when you have a strong talent pipeline, you don’t have to rush anything because the process itself will already be quite speedy. Here are some useful strategies.

Create an Employer Brand

On average, it takes a month for an employer to hire someone from the moment of their application. This is where strong talent pipeline helps you reduce that time. The most essential strategy there is to have a strong employer brand. This means that you will have to reach out to candidates on social media and other channels with carefully crafted posts and messages. You should show the world your mission and goals as well as your values and what you need from your employees. Share this all over the social media or anywhere else you want. This way, you can always find someone. It’s an interesting fact that 80% of workers can be reached this way even if they are not currently looking but would switch jobs later, for a better offer. Allowing them to get to know your brand is one of the most crucial steps. As a bonus, if you do this, your future employees will be very familiar with your values and mission.

Target the Right People

This is another important strategy, mainly because it integrates with the previous one. The fact is that your employer brand is no good if no one can see your branding or any of your messages. Well, it’s the same with people. Sure, someone will see it – but the point is in the right people seeing it. How old are they? How educated? Where are they from? You need to develop employee personas and then tailor your messages to target them specifically. You should also use the advertising options you have on social media in terms of who sees your ads. Be realistic with this and create a candidate that will satisfy your needs.

“When you know who you want to target, you can know where to advertise as well, since different professionals often hang out on different social media channels,” says Delia Forest, sourcing specialist at and

Make It Easy for Candidates

Create a mobile-friendly site for your career options. You need to prioritize the convenience of the people who apply if you want to hire top talent. Long gone are the times when a problematic application system was a way for companies to weed out the wrong candidates. Nowadays, people don’t want to go through all of that, and high-quality applicants will always go to employers that care for their ease and enjoyment.

Define Your Needs

“One of the best strategies out there is this one. You need to figure out what you will need in terms of employees in the future and then use that to tailor your messages even further. This is great for a strong talent pipeline, and you should make sure that it’s used,” says Jonas Gossamer, HR manager at and

Track and Analyze Everything

This may seem obvious, but so many companies don’t do this for their hiring process. You should track every detail and analyze it to gain information for all of your future endeavors and attempts at hiring someone or building a talent pipeline.

This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.
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