The Magnetic Field of Sourcing – Drawing Talent Towards You

The core of magnetizing your sourcing lies in seeking and appreciating a diverse spectrum of experiences and skills.

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Mar 12, 2024

Let’s talk about becoming magnetic. When I think of someone who is a master of magnetism, I think of Magneto from Marvel Comics. Magneto, whose first appearance was in X-Men #1 circa 1963, is a very powerful mutant and more of a tragic villain who possesses the ability to generate and control magnetic fields.

I’d like to channel the magnetic prowess of this iconic character, as he reflects the essence of what I’m about to explore: the magnetic dimension of sourcing.

In the current market—and the same could be said of the “Days of Future Past” (that’s an X-Men reference for you all)—setting yourself apart is an art form. Now, I know this could seem like a daunting task, as many people are working at doing the same. Though it is my belief that with precision and allure finely honed, it is entirely achievable.

Whereas the key to being able to harness a magnetic field in sourcing is not only attracting but also resonating with potential candidates. I will venture into this field with the allure of creativity.

The Gravity of Greatness:

What is usually the first impression someone gets of your organization? I would venture to say it is your website. You want them to be pulled into this gravity well by your vision and ethos. A lot of people want to know that they are a part of something greater and are making a difference. It’s not just about the roles that are open but the opportunities that await. Therefore, magnetizing your sourcing begins with crafting a narrative that’s compelling and aligned with the aspirations of your desired talent pool.

For example, MCI USA does a great job of this. When I go to their website, I’m instantly pulled in by the immersive visuals, which makes me want to learn more about the company. As I scroll down, I get to learn more about how they help their clients. Upon reading these stories, I’m thinking about how I can help in this mission. What sets them apart is when you are reading their blog posts, they also go into how they help their clients, all while presenting an engaging story. I’ll provide a link to the website below.


Attraction in Action:

The core of magnetizing your sourcing lies in seeking and appreciating a diverse spectrum of experiences and skills. Look at your profile or company’s presence and do an introspective look. Ask yourself whether you would be attracted to what’s being put out. Look at your profile: do you have a compelling story/headline? Are you actively engaged with strategic content creation, joining groups, or sharing stories about how you may help job seekers find a role? There are a myriad of ways you can paint a brighter picture that would attract candidates to you. Now we all know people are attracted to different things but think of your brand as a person generally what attracts people it could be physical looks, mental prowess, or charisma. However, those things alone won’t attract people forever you may lose your magnetic pull. Therefore, next I’ll talk about ways you can keep your magnetic field strong.

Force Fields of Fortune:

A sourcing strategy that is magnetic prospers in a culture that values continuous development, encapsulating the best and brightest, adaptation, and learning. The essence of what you want to do is to portray your organization as a thriving ground for professional and personal growth, a place in which curiosity is nurtured and rewarded with knowledge and experience.

Ways in which you could show or convey this to a candidate include personal stories of people who have joined the company and what they have achieved outside of work since being there, business resource groups and how they were developed along with what they do, and community involvement programs.

To give you a few examples of ways companies can show that they care would be programs that help their employees. Such programs for parents, inspiring innovation, developing a growth culture of “learn-it-all”, or investing in employee well-being, which range from financial training programs to healthy eating.

Magnetic Closure:

Lastly, I think creating bonds that lead to legendary teams involves adaptability and resilience throughout your sourcing strategy, as it will resonate with potential candidates who seek stability amidst dynamism. In the end, galvanizing your sourcing strategy with a magnetic aura involves transforming the mundane into the meaningful and the routine into the remarkable. You might even try donning a red and purple suit for dramatic effect.

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