The Paradigm Shift: Sourcing Tools and Resources for the New Reality

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Oct 23, 2020

We can all say that 2020 has brought some unexpected changes and challenges we weren’t necessarily ready for. However, difficult times can make you better if you choose to learn and grow from them.

In the past, much of sourcing has been focused on the elimination of candidates or prospects. As we move forward and adjust to our new normal, sourcing can be more about helping each other and giving back to the community. The SourceCon community has always been about helping each other, but these difficult times remind us it’s even more important to reach out to others and offer a helping hand where ever we can.

As Greg was speaking, the chat window was a constant stream of comments about how helpful his talk was and how much people appreciated the resources. Way to give back, Greg.

One of the biggest impacts we have seen in 2020 is the reduction in force for many companies causing so many to be on the job market and several others on indefinite furlough from their employers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a software engineer, nurse, or recruiter; looking for your next opportunity is a bit unsettling at best. When someone can lend a hand, you are certainly grateful for the support.

One of the ways Greg suggested we could help was to look up several of the resources that have been compiled of people who are looking for new opportunities either from being laid off or on extended furlough.

Greg started with a novel idea of putting a few words in Google. Google has improved its search tool to the point that many times just a few simple words related to your search will bring back several related results. Here is what Greg started with

the layoff alumni directory. Three simple words that returned several thousand results. However, the first one on the list is quite relevant

At the writing of this article, there are over 79K people on this list. They are listed by company, location, and industry to filter results—all of this from one simple Google search. Sometimes we make things more difficult than they need to be.

Another valuable resource that many in the SourceCon community contribute to is a start me page developed by Bret Feig Here; you will find layoff lists, hiring lists, resume reviewing, free training, and so much more.

Greg mentioned another novel way would give back to the community was to offer something for free that many usually charge for; reviewing resumes. Michael Rasmussen started a Facebook group doing just that. You can find it here This is a great way to lend your skills and talents to others when they most need it.

Another Facebook Group Greg mentioned was Layoff Alerts, created by Alan Fluhrer. This is a list of Talent Acquisition Professionals who are currently looking for new opportunities. There are over 2K members at the time of this writing.

Here are a couple of new hashtags Greg mentioned, #opentowork and #readytoworknow. There are probably several versions of this you could come up with to find people. Be creative.

You could always create a simple Google or X-ray search with some of these phrases as well, such as “open to new opportunities” “java AND html”

As it is with sourcing in general, the more you think like your subjects or target audience, the better chance you will find where they’re hanging out. Where does your target audience put “their stuff?” Where do they hang out on social media? The obvious ones are Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, etc. But there are many more places to look at. Think like they think and go where they are.

Greg mentioned a great resource for finding Women in Technology. As with a lot of our searches, this is only the starting point. As you research this site and others like it, peel the onion back slightly, and you will find many valuable resources.

Although Greg is a lover of complicated Boolean strings, sometimes a simple search will produce several valuable links such as this one he showed us. RN MSN With over 1 Million results, you will obviously have to refine your search, but what a great place to start.

So what do you do with all of this data? If you are a seasoned sourcer or recruiter, web scrapers may be an option for you. Although Data miner is one Greg uses, he mentioned Instant Data Scraper was a little easier to use for newbies. Cut and paste also works for those who prefer a good old fashion spreadsheet and who aren’t up for tackling a new learning curve.

Remember, our new normal should not necessarily be about finding the “purple squirrel, but about helping people. Recruitment is about inclusion, not elimination.

If you want to keep up to date on techniques that Greg is using, find him on Facebook at or his YouTube Channel

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