The Winners of the #Talent42 Challenge Are:

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Jun 12, 2013
This article is part of a series called Q/A.

Last night, we ran a challenge to win free passes to the Talent 42 conference which takes place later this month in Seattle.

The Challenge

Use your Boolean skills to search the SourceCon site and tell us who the top 3 all-time guest contributors are (based on the number of posts they have written). Your answers should not include any current or past ERE/SourceCon employees (Lance Haun, AmyBeth Hale, John Zappe). Submit your answers via email.  The first person to submit the top 3 contributors, in order, with the number of posts they have written, will receive one free conference registration valued at $895 (travel to Seattle is not included).  If the winner has already purchased a pass to Talent 42, they can gift the new ticket to a friend.  The second person to submit the correct answer will receive one free registration with the purchase of a registration to the event.

The Answer

  1. Glen Cathey with 30 guest posts
  2. Maureen Sharib with 19 guest posts
  3. Shally Steckerl with 14 guest posts

First Place – One free conference registration to Talent 42

Second Place – Buy one conference registration get one free

Congratulations to both of the winners! If you didn’t win, and you want to convince your leadership team to pay for the trip, watch this video:

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This article is part of a series called Q/A.
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