Top Five Reasons To Come To #SourceCon Next Year

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Nov 26, 2012
This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.

With the last of my Thanksgiving leftovers gone, I know that SourceCon is just right around the corner. It’s the first conference of 2013 for me (and probably for most of our attendees, too). I don’t use superlatives often, but this fall’s conference was the biggest we’ve ever had. If any location can challenge that number, it is the site for our next SourceCon: Atlanta.

If you’ve never made it to a SourceCon before, it would be great to have you at this one. And if you’re a past attendee, we hope to see you again.

But if you need more reasons to attend, here are the top ones we hear from our own attendees about coming to SourceCon

1. It’s all about community

SourceCon started as a grassroots meeting of the minds. It was built to meet the unique needs of sourcers that regular recruiting conferences simply didn’t provide. While SourceCon has grown and changed, one of the biggest things we hear about is making connections with your fellow sourcers that attend. You’re in a room with other people facing the same types of challenges you face, not at a conference talking about benefits policies or sessions on closing job candidates. And with those connections come the ability to access that knowledge, skills and contacts year-round.

2. Great speaking lineup

No matter where you are in sourcing, whether you’re just starting or if you manage a team of sourcers, you’ll find the knowledge you need at SourceCon. We’ll have keynotes that go over some of the trends and ideas that are quintessential for all levels of sourcers to know about. We’ll also be breaking off into concurrent sessions that meet more specific needs. We try to mix in SourceCon veterans with new blood so that no two conferences are the same.

3. Getting hands-on

Sometimes, people learn best by doing. That’s why we are happy to offer the sourcing lab again this year. Bring your computer and get hands on with the latest in sourcing. There is no additional charge to go to lab sessions and they run concurrently throughout both days (with repeats for the most popular sessions). Also, we will again be having a SourceCon After Dark. This community directed activity is all about learning from one another. Bring your toughest search, your hardest problem and figure it out in a cool, sometime mysterious setting.

4. Live it up in the ATL

Atlanta is not only easy to get to from across the country (a direct flight from even the far reaches of Seattle), it is also an underrated destination for a conference. Our conference is being held in the heart of Atlanta at the Georgia Aquarium. An aquarium? Really? Yes, and it is seriously one of the coolest locations to have a conference (which is one of the main reasons we’re heading back to Atlanta). The Atlanta delegation of sourcers is not one to be toyed with and even Seattle’s own formidable sourcing crew has to pay their respects here.

5. You can’t get this anywhere else

The combination of community, content, workshops, networking and location is tough to beat for any conference. Add in the fact that its focus is on serving the sourcing community first and I truly believe you can’t get this experience anywhere else. If you are a full-time sourcer, have sourcing as a major part of your duties or manage the sourcing function in your organization, this is the one event you don’t want to miss.

This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.
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