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Aug 12, 2015

Now is an awesome time to be a sourcer! There are literally hundreds of sourcing and recruiting tools available to make our lives easier. There are free apps and paid apps, bookmarklets and browser extensions, hacks and API’s…even good old fashioned websites. All of these tools are supposed to make your life easier – but which ones actually do? And what are the best tools for your specific need?

To answer these questions and more, I’ve put together a few short videos called “Sourcing Secrets Revealed.” In five minutes or less, I’ll demo a few of my favorite tools to solve common sourcing problems like web scraping, finding phone numbers, twitter sourcing and more. Best of all – the tools are free, they’re easy to use and they really work!

First up, there’s mountains of data that is freely available to anyone who knows where to look. Conference attendee lists, member directories, user groups and more. Often it’s much easier to find the data than it is to capture and organize it. I’ll show you several lightning fast options to scrape this data from the web and even upload the it right to your database or CRM.

But, all those shiny new leads are just taking up space unless you can find a way to engage those people. Emails and InMails are often overlooked or ignored and I’d much prefer to talk to a live person. But, how do I know the right number to dial? I’m glad you asked because in the second video I’ll show you.

Finally, do you have a sourcing challenge that you’d like to see revealed? Leave me a comment or tweet @kamoswin

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