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Feb 27, 2017
This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.

I recently had lunch with the owner of, Scott Warner. He uses creative digital media to take businesses’ social media viral. Wow! Do we need that as sourcers or what? Gigg often collaborates with celebrities like Maroon 5, athletes such as Evander Holyfield, and a host of influencers that create real marketing impact for products and brands. I’m talking viral, like 18.5 million views on one of their recent videos. That one is a must see.

Click here to view. Laugh alert! Don’t drink anything because you’re going to laugh.

videoNo, seriously. Go watch that, have a good laugh and come back to the article.

Happy to have you back. Can you imagine creating a video like that? That had to be a ton of fun! Am I right? Can you just see your CEO competing with the recruiting department like that and it going viral? That’s disruption. We need to disrupt and take our sourcing viral like that.

Working with IT companies in the Silicon Slopes, I constantly hear the word “disruption.” All the top companies are trying to create technology that will disrupt their industry. This concept is so important. With the bombardment of media, we see on a daily basis; it’s the only way to catch attention these days. Companies all over the world are asking how they can disrupt the market. There’s a great psychology behind that.

I see that same disruption psychology in play when I am phone sourcing. Gatekeepers are always trying to steer the conversation. They want to ask you a question so that you’ll give them an answer. They, in turn, ask you another question to which you’ll give another reply.

That goes on and on and on – Unless! You disrupt the cycle – and on and on and on and on and on.

In phone sourcing, you disrupt the cycle by answering the question and then adding a question at the end of your reply. For example, you call into a business to talk to a marketing professional. You ask for them, and the gatekeeper says, “What’s this about?” If you answer, “it’s about some marketing stuff,” the next question will be, “does he know you’re calling?” Since you are an ethical person, you will respond, “No. No, he does not.” Game over.

If instead, you said, “It’s about some marketing stuff. Is he in today?” Almost every time the gatekeeper will reply, “Hold on, let me check.” Congratulations! You disrupted the cycle.

You can use this same disruption psychology to disrupt your internet sourcing cycle.

Don’t just post a job. Think about creating some digital content that brings it alive and makes it go viral. Post that digital content in your job listing or on your career page. Join forces with influencers and those who have great access to them. This can have a significant impact on the candidates you attract. If you ever post a job and wish you had more qualified applicants, this is a strategy for you. There are millions of people, 18.5 million for example, that would be attracted to your message if you delivered it in a creative way.

I dare you to be inspired by! I dare you to disrupt and take your sourcing viral!

And Go…!

This article is part of a series called Editor's Pick.