Weekend Reads For Sourcers and Recruiters

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Oct 23, 2015

It’s been a busy week for many of you. The year is coming to an end and recruiting departments are planning for next year while trying to close out requisitions that have been approved for this year. Many of you may find yourselves traveling to and from conferences as conference season is in full swing. Whatever is going on with you this fall, the weekend is a good time to catch up on sourcing and recruiting news. Here are a few things you should know from the last week.

  • Facebook has updated search. The improved features include better searching of public posts and posts from friends, improved search suggestions, and discovery of public conversations. Read what Facebook says about the updates here then head over to RecruitingTools to hear what Ryan Leary thinks it means for recruiting. search_large
  • Do you recruit developers? If so, you should check out CodeBee, a new social network designed for developers. They are just starting to build their community so you may not have a ton of luck at the beginning but it’s always good to keep your eye on sites like this.
  • There are a lot of different ideas about talent communities. This week on ERE, John Sullivan wrote about The Benefits Of A ‘Someday I Might Want To Work There’ Talent Community.
  • Our more technically savvy readers should read this post on Moz about how to scrape and clean data with Google sheets. It’s a great step by step guide that will help you get better at scraping.
  • Did you miss the HR Technology Conference? Tim Sackett shared his impressions of the event and the HR technology space in this post on Fistful of Talent.

If you haven’t had your conference fix for the year, consider joining us next week in Atlanta for the ERE Recruiting Conference.