Why I Love SourceCon – Seeing Former Colleagues

Mar 11, 2010

SourceCon would not be SourceCon without Jim Stroud. Whether it is his cutting edge humor, his energetic vibe, or his dancing ability, Jim sets the tone for SourceCon. A great sourcer, trainer and creative force in sourcing, Jim assumes his master of ceremonies persona just prior to the first speaker and carries that routine through the remainder of the conference. It is quite a hoot!

It was Jim (along with Glenn) that provided me a platform at Microsoft – I will always be grateful for their support and friendship. But professional relationships do not end with working for the same company. We are part of something greater — a sourcing community that gathers annually at events like SourceCon to share memories, ideas and dreams about what could happen. And Jim is the cheerleader for our community.

One thing that we imagined about at Microsoft was how we can find a better method of attracting and developing passive prospects. We are Employing Talent Communities to Rehumanize the Recruiting Process. I will discuss our approach at SourceCon 2010. I invite you to be part of the presentation and conversation. I am the last speaker on Monday, so as you plan your departure from SourceCon, take a later flight and please join me.

Make sure to join us March 14-15th in San Diego at SourceCon – register today!

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