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Jun 26, 2019

Did you know that up to 73% of applicants abandon job applications if they take longer than 15 minutes? How about that global staffing firm Robert Half, has tracked a 10-20% increase in interview ghosting over the past year? The US job market is tighter than a camel’s butt in a sandstorm right now, and your recruiters need to be able to move fast to find outstanding talent.

This post is a third of four on how you can sourceinterviewassess, schedule candidates with A.I. and not need a single line of coding knowledge.

One of the biggest bottlenecks in recruitment is interview scheduling. Whether it is the initial phone interview, meeting a hiring manager, or planning panel interviews, the nightmare of conflicting calendars and tight time frames is real. Quit playing cat and mouse with your candidates and try one of these four systems for scheduling automation.

The first system we suggest is Calendly. Our recruiters at Amplifon Americas have been using Calendly for over a year now, and it has saved us an average of 3 hours per week in scheduling logistics. That gives us time for an additional six interviews per week and has helped us trim our time to fill by a full week!

This system is excellent for sharing a link to your iCal/Outlook/Google Calendar, setting schedule parameters, and providing automated messaging/bookings to participants. They also have a handy mobile app for on-the-go scheduling needs. Highly versatile, Calendly doesn’t have only to be used by recruiters. It is designed for sales and marketing teams too! For more on Calendly, check out my previous blog posts here.

The second system worth looking into is Rivs. With a similar look and feel to Calendly, the team at Rivs has developed a streamlined system for scheduling automation. One clear difference this tool offers is reporting and analytics. By tracking attendance rates, you can track trends among recruiters, candidate types, or requisitions.

Another fantastic feature is the Interview Guide builder. With Rivs templates, you can quickly add job/interviewer info, select technical questions based on the core competencies, job requirements, or company culture, and add drop-in interview ratings to gauge candidate responses. By getting more data from each interviewer, you’ll help decrease bias and move through the interview process faster.

The third system that might help your interviewers and business teams is Is it Meetings or Meetin? TBD on that, but this system has some great features when it comes to extracting value before and after your meetings. By syncing with your calendar, you can send agendas in advance, and capture to-dos and tasks that result from your meetings.

In addition to the calendar automation Calendly & Rivs offer, also provides a handy meeting classification system so you can offer a variety of meeting types. As a recruiter, this is helpful for scheduling lunches, networking, and of course, interviews. The jury is still out on this app, but it’s worth looking into as an affordable option for smaller teams.

The fourth and final system worth review is With Amy/Andrew, the AI assistant, you can easily include this bot in your conversations, and it will recognize when to step in and schedule something. Be it an email, ATS template, slack chat, or web browser pop-up, Amy can be anywhere you need scheduling assistance.

The real differentiation here is that an actual artificial intelligence engine is working to find the best time for a meeting and addressing changes or adjustments as they come up in real time! No need to get a human admin involved with executive schedules, now Amy can do it all for you. The future is now… for a price.

Time is money, and when your living in a non-revenue generating role, the best thing you can do to show immediate value is save more time! Not to mention, scheduling multiple candidates on multiple reqs with various hiring managers makes me more nervous than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. So get it right the first time, and try out one of these cool scheduling tools.

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