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Nov 20, 2018

Are you intimidated by all this talk of digital transformation and artificial intelligence implementation? Do you feel like you don’t have the tech-savvy or coding knowledge to get started? In the world of recruiting, we’re often faced with too many requests and not enough time, because business moves at the speed of life. I’m here to tell you, thankfully, that you don’t need to know how to code to source candidates with A.I.

This post is the first of four on how you can source, interview, assess, and schedule candidates with A.I. and not need a single line of coding knowledge. To begin, let’s look at two A.I. systems can be used to source candidates.

Tool #1

When you start your search for candidates, do you ever wish you had a crystal ball that could tell you how they talk, act, or make decisions? There’s a cool tool you can use that does just this! It’s called Crystal Knows. Crystal uses A.I. to scan candidate LinkedIn profiles, resumes, or writing samples with text recognition and sentiment analysis. The system then generates a DISC personality assessment based on this analysis and suggests ways for you to better connect with this candidate through verbal or written communication.

Why is this helpful? Picture you’re most difficult role to fill. I bet those candidates are getting emails from recruiters weekly. They’re also probably ignoring the templates & copy paste tactics used by those “spray & pray” sorry excuses for sourcing specialists. If you want to get someone’s attention, you need to speak to them on their terms, at their level. Crystal helps you determine what those communication preferences are and shows you how to adjust your preferred communication style to meet theirs.

Tool #2

Automating outreach can be a delicate matter when you’re trying to maintain a personal experience for candidates. Another tool that gets candidates chatting quickly is Talkpush. This chat platform offers several recruiting resources, but today I want to highlight their Facebook sourcing feature.

Imagine, your candidate is browsing Facebook, and scrolls past your targeted ad. With one curious tap, they’re taken to the Talkpush chatbot who begins a friendly conversation immediately. Within seconds the candidate is answering screening questions, having fun, and applying to the job without a resume!

Why is this helpful? Wayne Gretzky famously said, “skate to where the puck is going to be.” Careers pages are not where candidates live. Today’s candidates are dual-screening the heck out of life, and more recently not looking for jobs. By engaging candidates where they live, you can update your passive game with a chatbot that makes the application process easy, engaging, and casual.

So the next time don’t get frustrated because your InMails are being ignored or no one is applying to your antiquated job ad that forces them back to your ATS. Instead, give Crystal or Talkpush a try, create a more personalized recruitment experience, and get ready to start scheduling interviews!

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