With experience at some of the most trusted names in business including Teradata and Google, to true disruptors such as Zynga and Movieclips, Rebecca has steadily grown in knowledge and experience. She serves as a Sourcing Consultant for a Fortune 500 Enterprise Cloud Company and has recently developed a Sourcing Function from scratch. Her deep drive and passion for her profession is what will continually ensure her success. Rebecca is a relationship master and has the vision that what we do is, at his heart, is always about connecting the dots. She believes that every interaction isn’t about meeting a metric, it is about assisting others in discover a new opportunity or a new career path. She has both startup and corporate experience and has led recruiting and sourcing teams across all functional areas including: Executive, R&D, Finance, IT, Sales, and Consulting.

The 5 Tool Sourcer

Building a sourcing team is an exciting challenge, and a unique opportunity to make a lasting impact on the business you support. But like anything worth … Read more

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