Emily Garrity

Emily Garrity

Co-founder and president of ConnectVETS, Emily collaborates with TalentRISE to help military veterans more effectively transition to the civilian workforce, and enable employers to better connect with this experienced talent pool and help them meet the new DOL / OFCCP regulations for veteran hiring, when applicable.

Emily develops strategic relationships to bridge an organization’s military talent acquisition goals and objectives to the relevant organizations in the public and private sectors including Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs) and related U.S. military branches and organizations.

Emily has dedicated the past decade of her life to helping military service members and veterans transition to private sector employment opportunities through a focus on educating them on the civilian HR process. She has spearheaded diversity and inclusion initiatives focused on military talent acquisition by developing better outreach, engaging strategic partners in government, business and the community and directly helping veterans with their civilian work world transition.

Emily is a member of the Illinois Joining Forces initiative and serves on both the Employment and Training and Education Working Groups and is a member of the Society of Talent Acquisition and Recruitment, serving on their Programs Committee. She is also a member of the Union League Club of Chicago, serving on the Military Affairs subcommittee.

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