Engage Talent; The Sourcing Software You Need to Demo

Ever hear of Engage? I mean the software, not engagement which a great deal of us do in this industry. Nope, this is a sort of a search tool on steroids. This will be a short post from me because, frankly, my words will not do this little slice of heaven justice.

This is, in all practicality, a research tool like none I have seen to this point. There are great tools out there to extrapolate data and get emails and phone numbers sure, but that is about it, right? Lusha, Connect6, Prophet all do just about the same thing with a twist an amped up algorithm, but Engage is different. Yes, it does get profile info, etc., but it just does more.

The interface is easy to read, and that is definitely a benefit. The algorithms are tight, and you get the information quickly and efficiently. The real interesting part is that you can do market research on companies as well as candidates.  What does that mean to you I hear you saying? More than you would think really. The hot trend out there right now is BI or Business Intelligence. You can set up lists of groups of profiles or companies and gather information check to see if other people are looking to leave the company

Good sourcers should not only be good at finding candidates they should also be good at knowing where the candidates are coming from and start tracking patterns. Engage can give you information on the health of a company from a financial perspective and notes on where the company may be going. Let’s face it if you were in the service restaurant industry wouldn’t have been nice to know Kosi was going under? You would have had the jump on the industry and would look like a superstar to your management or your client!

They say they are pulling from over 100 million passive candidates but I don’t think anyone is ever really passive, for the right opportunity and price I know just about anyone who wouldn’t make the move. The price for the tool is actually a great deal lower than I thought and you can go month to month as well. I like no contracts personally so that was a win for me and an upsell for the product.

Here are some key features that I took away from after doing the demo and features that I liked:

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  • Excellent UI experience
  • Precise user search
  • Targeted personal emails to candidates
  • Identify and watch target companies
  • Receive real-time alerts when your passive candidate is most likely ready for a new opportunity

Ok, check out the site here, Engage, and seriously get a demo. Like I said a short and sweet post from yours truly, I promise more stories next time. #truestory


**A note to the reader, Derek Zeller serves on the advisory board for Engage Talent. 

Derek Zeller draws from over 20 years in the recruiting industry. The last 16 years he has been involved with federal government recruiting specializing in the cleared IT space under OFCCP compliance. Currently, he is the Director of Recruiting Solutions for Engage Talent. He has experience with both third-party agency and in-house recruiting for multiple disciplines. Using out-of-the-box tactics and strategies to identify and engage talent, he has had significant experience in building referral and social media programs, the implementation of Applicant Tracking Systems, technology evaluation, and the development of sourcing, employment branding, and military and college recruiting strategies. Derek currently lives in the Portland area. Now, he is the Director of Recruiting Solutions and Channels with Engage.