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AI-Enhanced Recruiting: Unveiling the Power of GPTs and Digital Agents

Learn how GPTs and digital agents are changing the world of recruiting and how the best recruiters are embracing this technology.

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Presented by:
Mike Wolford
Mike Wolford

AI is changing the landscape of recruitment at blinding speed. Recruiters who embrace this technology will not only have a surviving chance in the next chapter of talent acquisition, but they’ll also have a tremendous advantage over recruiters choosing to ignore these developments.

Join Mike Wolford for a free webinar as he delivers critical information on GPTs and digital agents, and how to effectively leverage their functionality.

Key discussion points:

  • Defining GPTs and digital agents
  • Identifying optimal uses for GPTs and digital agents
  • Building digital agents
  • Staying informed during a period of sweeping changes in recruiting
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About the speakers
Mike Wolford

Mike Wolford

Director of Analytics


Mike Wolford is the current Director of Analytics at Claro Analytics. With a career spanning over 15 years, he has served as a strategist for prestigious companies such as NPR, Twitter, and Allstate. As a contributor on multiple platforms, Mike shares his insights on critical issues from AI's potential impact on talent acquisition to the importance of a balanced workweek. His commitment to the industry is evident in his achievements, ranging from managing corporate recruiting teams to implementing innovative sourcing techniques. Check out his latest book "The AI Recruiter". Connect with him on LinkedIn or @mike1178 on Twitter.

This webinar is over.
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