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Building Bridges – Perfecting Candidate Communication Throughout the Candidate Journey

Join us as we delve into the importance of effective communication throughout the candidate journey.

Jun 20, 2024
6:00 PM UTC
1 Hour
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Presented by:
Janessa Mondestin
Teeona Mayberry
Princess Austin
Janessa Mondestin, 
Teeona Mayberry, 
and Princess Austin

Join us for a free webinar as we explore the intricacies of effective candidate communication and its impact on successful hiring.

In this engaging session, we’ll delve into the importance of effective communication throughout the candidate journey, from before individuals are candidates, to initial touchpoints, to nurturing long-term relationships. 

Discover strategies for personalizing communication at scale and learn how technology can empower this process, with real-world examples of successful implementation. We’ll also uncover the value of boomerang employees, discuss engaging runner-up candidates, and delve into the benefits of nurturing internship alumni. 

By the end, you’ll leave with actionable insights to enhance your candidate communication strategies and foster lasting connections with potential hires. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your recruitment efforts and strengthen your talent pipeline. 

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About the speakers
Janessa Mondestin

Janessa Mondestin

Executive Director

Hire 4 Higher

Janessa Mondestin, Executive Director of Hire 4 Higher, brings a future-focused vision to People, Talent, Culture + Brand. Advocating for inclusive cultures, proactive talent strategies, pay equity and evolved people practices without sparing operational efficiency, Janessa is a sought-after advisor and executive coach with profound insights on the future of work. Her visionary leadership nurtures talent for future success. She empowers employees, boosting engagement and bottom-line results. Her expertise and perspective make her a valuable speaker in the field.
Teeona Mayberry

Teeona Mayberry

Technical Recruiting


After 5 years in staffing and recruiting, Teeona joined Lyft as a recruiter and later became an I&D Program Manager. She then worked at Block (formerly Square) in a hybrid recruiter/PM role, focusing on hiring diverse talent and creating processes to attract and retain underrepresented talent.

Currently, as a technical recruiter at Anthropic, Teeona leverage's her experience in talent acquisition and diversity & inclusion to recruit top-tier technical talent for their product engineering teams. Her goal is to build high-performing, diverse engineering teams that drive innovation and success. As a member of the Anthropic team, She is committed to attracting diverse talent who share their vision and values, as they work together to shape the future of AI responsibly.

Princess Austin

Princess Austin

Talent Partner

Talent inTulsa

Princess Austin was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she pursued performance arts from a young age through the Cincinnati School of Creative and Performing Arts. After graduating, she attended Oral Roberts University, discovered the incredible creative community in Tulsa, and started her own business. Her experience as a small business owner inspired her to pursue an MBA and grow her brand and clothing line, Worthy Girl, dedicated to empowering women worldwide. Expanding her business also introduced her to the world of recruiting, which provides her the opportunity to help candidates achieve their passions and dreams.