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Sep 8, 2011

It’s that time of year when many of us are able to get in that last vacation before the end of the sunny days of summer. The Sourcer I work with, Arati, is enjoying a much needed break: a full 2.5 weeks away. I am glad she is taking some well-deserved R&R, hopefully lying in the sun on a golden beach. I miss her terribly though! Her cubicle is dark and quiet. No sounds of her networking and digging in to find the best. No rush to my desk in excitement about a great candidate she has spoken to. There are no emails. It feels a bit like a break up, but I know she’ll be back in few days.

In her absence I wanted to reflect on the great qualities she has. Here are the top 10 reasons my Sourcer rocks!

#1. She is a team player.

There is no “I” in team when working with Arati. She respects the role of the Recruiter and makes me feel a valued partner. She appreciates the insights I pass on from my hiring managers and lets me know how helpful that additional information is.

#2. She sets expectations.

She is great at letting me know what she is doing and how long it will take. She lets me know how long market intelligence gathering and then sourcing should take. She is great at letting me know what else might be a competing priority so I can better set expectations with my hiring managers. Also documenting her plan on a sourcing strategy document is super helpful!

#3. She is open to taking on new challenges.

She is willing to take on any position! The more specialized and never been filled before the better! Can you say fearless?!!

#4. She knows the marketplace.

Her breadth of sourcing and recruiting experience in different industries is one of the reasons she is so credible. When Arati speaks, I listen!

#5. She is focused on candidate care.

She does a great job of keeping track of candidates and following up on where they are in the process. She is sensitive to the needs of candidates and lets me know immediately if there are any time sensitive issues.

#6. She delivers results.

She delicately balances supporting multiple team members including three Recruiters, one Manager, and one Director. Over the last year she has successfully built and maintained healthy candidate pools across multiple functions including merchandising, product management, product creation, and manufacturing. With her help, we have filled many key roles with top notch candidates.

#7. She is involved.

She takes her time to attend hiring manager meetings with me to learn the business. She asks great questions and lets the hiring manager know what she will do to find top talent.

#8. She listens and respects my point of view.

We sometimes agree to disagree on candidates but it’s never taken personally. She knows that all of the differing opinions provide another view point on a candidate’s potential that we share with the hiring manager.

#9. She has a great work ethic.

It’s not just about filling positions but filling roles with the best candidates.

#10. Lastly, she cares about the work she does and the teams she works on. She brings positive energy and enthusiasm to each search.


So just a note of thanks to all of the Sourcers out there. We Recruiters appreciate you!

Is your sourcer a rockstar too? Tell us about him/her in the comments below!

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