Tanja Hasan-Farm

Tanja currently works at Nike as a full cycle Recruiter hiring for Product Creation roles and is primarily focused on apparel and sports equipment. She enjoys the variety of candidates she gets to interact with and loves knowing that she is responsible for hiring the teams that make great Nike product! On any given day she can speak with a Product Manager, Apparel Developer, Technical Designer, Mechanical/Electrical Engineer, or Wear Test Analysts just to name a few. She began her recruiting career at Starbucks and Microsoft. Tanja prides herself in truly understanding what motivates a hiring manager and candidate to ensure a win-win situation for all. Tanja has a degree in Zoology from the University of Washington. When she isn’t finding great talent for Nike, she enjoys a healthy dose of retail therapy and being a foster parent for Pacific Pug Rescue. She happily has three pugs of her own.
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