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May 25, 2011

Sourcing great candidates is more than just creating a Boolean search, cold calling, or posting jobs.

Just like any good recipe, sourcing is the balance between art and science. After working together for over a year, we (Arati — Sourcer, a.k.a. Talent Scout and Tanja — Full Cycle Recruiter) have found there are several “ingredients” that create a successful partnership between Recruiter and Sourcer.

Here is our recipe for working together successfully…


  • Arati — I like to be involved with business at all times and build relationships with them. I take this approach with all my Recruiting partners. My Recruiter involves me in the process right from the beginning — not just when things are not going well and we are in dire need of finding candidates.
  • Tanja — I involve my Sourcing partner early in the process and not just when I am desperate for candidates (yes, I’ve learned this the hard way). I introduce her to the hiring manager and share relevant business updates that might impact sourcing. I also invite her to coffee or lunch with the new hire…whom she found!


  • Arati — We keep in touch at all times. We are involved in the process together until the candidate is hired. It’s not about whose responsibility it is, it’s about filling the role. We’ll over-communicate to make sure no balls are dropped.
  • Tanja — Besides shouting over our cubicle walls, we have designated times each week to meet. We stop by each other’s desk several times a day. Also, real time updates on where the candidates are in the process is a must. Lastly, I share learning from business meetings I attend. For all the work my sourcing partner does, I want her to feel connected and appreciated so that she knows her sourcing efforts aren’t in vain.


  • Arati — My role as a Talent Scout is not just about finding the talent, but accurately assessing the talent and sharing my point of view. I like to be sensitive to my Recruiting partner’s time and provide an accurate assessment. When I am on fence with a candidate, she’s gracious enough to phone screen the candidate and provide her expert point of view. I know she knows her business better than anyone else.
  • Tanja — I trust my Sourcer’s recommendations and give her the benefit of the doubt. If she is on the fence with a candidate, I’ll still take the time to speak with them to make my assessment. I don’t want to rule anyone out if she thinks there is value in me speaking with them. Even if that candidate isn’t a match for the current opening, they could be ideal for a future position.

Having a consultative approach

  • Arati —   I have a consultative approach to the business and with my Recruiter. I am constantly updating my Recruiting partner and the business with competitive intelligence and market insight. Once I have identified a top-level prospect and converted them to an active candidate, my Recruiting partner and I will then provide a point of view and recommendation to influence the business.
  • Tanja — It is important for me to be a consultant to the business. Being a Recruiter is more than just sifting through resumes, it’s about being a partner to the business and having a point of view. Helping to give them the information so that they are able to make an informed hiring decision. The work my Sourcer does to gather market intelligence is essential to building our credibility with the business. We are viewed as valuable members of the team and not just paper pushers.


  • Arati — We give credit to each other at all times. We celebrate small wins and together deal with challenges. I value my partnership with my Recruiting partner and at the same time we have fun working together.
  • Tanja — I make sure my Sourcing partner knows how much I appreciate her partnership. Without her help, the pool of candidates would be as dry as the Sahara Desert! Yes, I help move candidates along in the hiring process and ultimately close the deal, but without the work of our Sourcer, none of that would be possible.  Saying thank you is essential.

So there you have it — all the ingredients for our successful Recruiter-Sourcer partnership. What are some of the ingredients that make up your Recruiter-Sourcer partnerships? Share them in the comments below.

Arati currently works at Nike as a Talent Scout for Product Creation and Merchandising and is primarily focused on apparel and sports equipment. She combines her International Public Relations experience and full life cycle recruiting experience to acquire the best talent for Nike. She enjoys talking to prospects who have not thought about leaving their jobs and landing them a home here at Nike. Arati has also worked for multiple pipelines at Nike including IT, Strategic Planning, and HR.  She began her recruiting career at a Software Consulting company as a HR Generalist/Recruiter and then worked at Wells Fargo as an HR Associate/Recruiter and Recruiting Manager at American Income hiring commission based insurance agents. Prior to that she worked in an International Public Relations agency and managed clients such as Benetton, Pierre Cardin, and others. Arati has a Masters degree in Communication Studies and was an Adjunct Faculty Member at the Communication Studies department at PSU and taught Speech Communication. When she isn’t building relationships with talent, she enjoys running, reading and spending time with her kids.

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