Best of 2013 #2: Who Will Win the War for Resume 2.0? Ten Visual Resume Tools Reviewed by @JoeStubblebine

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Dec 31, 2013
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Before it was easy to build your own blog, before Facebook was hot, before the ability to tweet a message to the world…getting your skills and qualifications in the hands of the right people was much different than it is today.

Not so long ago, job search meant sweating over an IBM typewriter—or in later years—a word processing program, driving to the local stationary store, picking up the parchment paper, and getting just the right stamp for the outside of the envelope.  And, most of the time your envelope would be opened by a real person, who would experience your application from both a visual and tactile sense as they unfolded your resume and cover letter and perused the contents.  Back in the day, these were just a few of the resume rituals that were quite commonplace.

This article is part of a series about Editor's Pick.
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