3 New LinkedIn Updates You Should Know About

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Jul 15, 2014

As you know, the LinkedIn team are constantly making changes. Here are a few recent LinkedIn updates recruiters and sourcers should know about.

LinkedIn acquired news alert startup Newsle. Newsle uses machine learning technology to update subscribers when their connections publish new content on the web. I’m hoping this will make my news feed more bearable and relevant as the technology is integrated into LinkedIn’s platform. For more details, see this post from Forbes.

LinkedIn recently launched the new mobile app, Connected. Connected is the revamped version of the contacts app but with a lot more focus on people you have relationships with. The App syncs with your iPhone contacts and with your calendar so the updates you are shown are from people you actually interact with – not just the LIONs you’ve connected with over the years. I took it for a test spin and I’m a fan. I was surprised by some of the people I wasn’t connected with and 10 of the 15 “updates” (job changes, work anniversaries, etc) were things I am glad I was made aware of. For more, read this piece from Information Week.

LinkedIn has new rules out for people who use its recruiting product to send a lot of messages, but who don’t get a lot of people opening those messages. In short, come August, LinkedIn is going to let you know if you’re getting a less-than-13 percent response rate on your InMails. For the next couple of weeks after that notification, folks with low open rates only be able to send emails 1-to-1, not in bulk. After that, if you meet the 13 percent figure, you’re back to bulk. If not, you’re on another 14-day limit. “More than 98 percent of ‘Recruiter’ users won’t be impacted by this InMail policy change,” writes LinkedIn’s Sankar Venkatraman. “Yet everyone will benefit from it.” More here.

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